Antique Kuba Konagend Rug

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Antique Kuba Konagend Rug with classic design.

Beautiful and complex design on this piece Is reminiscent of night sky. Woven Ca. 1900.

5’7″ x 4’0″

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Antique Kuba Konagend Rug with classic design

Caucasian Rugs

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Caucasian rugs are defined by the place they were woven in. The Caucasus mountains. The Caucasus is a region that produces distinctive rugs since the beginning of the human civilization and the surviving examples are mostly from the 16th century onward and mostly from the 19th. and 20th. centuries. The antique
Caucasian rugs are primarily produced as village pieces rather than the fine and intricate city productions. Caucasian rugs are best known for featuring bold geometric and archaic designs in primary colors.

The rugs from the Caucasus mountains are primarily made of handspun wool and natural dyes  that are particular to their tribal provinces and some of the styles that are “typical” or better known to the Caucasus region are Shirvan, Daghestan, Kuba, Kazak rug.  Caucasian Rugs are probably the most widely collected type of Tribal rugs. The strongest market for Caucasian rugs has to be Italy and Germany who appreciates these rugs for their tribal and primitive designs.

Most Caucasian rugs are woven in regions of Kuba, Dagestan, Shirvan, Talish and Baku in the East, and Ghanjeh, Kazak, and Karabagh in the southwest Caucasus. While some Caucasian carpets tend to feature floral designs, their style or rendering is usually highly abstract or geometric tribal design, with considerable emphasis on rich and varied color.

We at rugs and more carry the largest and most comprehensive collection of these authentic works of art and we have been instrumental in assisting some of the important collections of caucasian rugs around the world.

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