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In coastal, temperate regions moderate the climate allows for interior design that blurs the lines between home interiors and the outdoors. This collection of rugs is specifically designed to fit the Mediterranean style home. Patterns inspired by nature and color schemes that enhance the natural light of a room compliment Mediterranean interiors perfectly.

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A Warm Welcome from Michael Kourosh

Michael Kourosh has been a preeminent fixture in the design and home furnishing community in Santa Barbara for decades.  Michael’s work has been featured in some of the most luxurious and sophisticated hot spots around the world, including local gems The Four Seasons, San Ysidro and most recently in the renovation and re-imagining of The El Encanto Hotel in the American Riviera.

Michael started his love of decorative arts early on, and upon moving to Germany as a teenager he continued his apprenticeship in Persian rugs and antique collectables, where he earned his nick name ” the Rugoholic ” .

His love and holistic approach to interior design culminated when he moved to Santa Barbara and opened his first store in 1990.  The past 29 years has been spent refining his vision, taking another step forward with the opening of Santa Barbara’s first fully integrated Design Center.  He is proud and excited to be given the opportunity to share his vision with not only the design community, but everyone.  Michael strives to provide the utmost excellence in every area of interior design and service.  He has brought to Santa Barbara a unique opportunity for living spaces designed through in-house custom made furnishings, accessories, and collectables that will be the centerpiece of the finest homes for years to come.

With his network of the leading international designers, there is nothing that Michael cannot create, as is evident in the variety of design and retail awards bestowed upon his business, including 20 years and running as the best store in Santa Barbara.  He prides himself with being the foremost interior design resource in the Western United States, and is happy to share his expertise to Design Santa Barbara.

In his free time, the father of two loves to travel with his family on international adventures.

Watch Michael on Design Santa Barbara

Every Saturday on ABC – KEYT Channel 3

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Ways to Make Your Home A Relaxation Sanctuary

Ways to Make Your Home A Relaxation Sanctuary


What better way to cozy up a room than to roll out a oriental rug? The unexpected contrast of weaves can help pull together a space in a calming fashion. Select patterns that are different and unique enough to still complement each other. At Rugs and more we carry a variety of oriental carpets. From Persian, Modern, Antique, ect. Let us help you find the right rug to fit seamlessly in your home.


When you are spending more time at home, it’s difficult to separate the spaces where you work from and where you can relax. Try to keep your bedroom free from the stresses of the day, and make small updates like making your bed daily, hanging artwork, and putting your lights on a dimmer.

Beautify and fill every area of your home with our collection of unique and beautiful accessories. Accessories complete and compliment your design, allowing the vision to become reality through the individuality they bring. Santa Barbara Design Center has the largest assortment of accessories in the area, covering everything from decorative animal pieces to beautiful mirrors that reflect light and enlarge the room to utilitarian fireplace tools.

Choose a comfy sofa to hang out & Relax

At the end of the day all you want to do is hang out and relax. Its important to recharge and spend time on the sofa. Your living room is where most people spend most of there time with the family. Watching Movies and entertaining. Well, chose the right sofa that your friends and family will love. Let us help you select the right style, comfort, fabric and size to fit seamlessly in your living room. Whether its a large sectional or a small loveseat. We can make your dream sofa come to life.

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Oriental Rug Count

Oriental Rug Count

Knot count, also known as knot density, is the number of hand tied knots within a certain area of a rug. Determining knot count must be done by close examination of the back of a rug. Understanding knot count requires some understanding of how rugs are constructed.

There is much more to an oriental rug than you think. The Knot count tells us how fine the rug really is. This is important because it tells us the level of detail a rug will have. The finer the rug the more unique the design can be.

For example, pixels in a photograph the higher the count, the smoother and less pixelated the image becomes. Whether the pattern is a fine, curvilinear floral (like the rug on the left below) with a higher knot count, or a less fine, geometric pattern (like the rug on the right ) with a lower knot count, just knot count alone does not identify that one rug is better quality than the other.

Antique Heriz

This amazing rug is a fine Heriz, produced in the village of the same name in the slopes of Mount Sabalan.  Heriz rugs are one of the most famous rugs from Iran, because of their very unique and distinguishable style. Antique Heriz carpets are prized for their elegant patina and rich colors that are often attributed to the area’s copper-rich water. Regal terra-cotta reds, clear Persian blues and creamy accent colors are synonymous with the region’s unmistakable coloration.

size: 10’6×8’2

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Start The New Year Off Right!

Its that time of the year again where we all have a New Years Resolutions. Some might want there’s to be to redecorating there home. This New Year you want to start the year with a new outlook and fresh start. What better way than changing the theme of your home. Create a warm and inviting living space for friends and family to enjoy.

For Instance, consider changing up your kitchen design. With just a little paint job and new appliances can create a whole new atmosphere.

Your bedroom can also be remodeled by simply changing the color theme. For example, for a more elegant design use neutral colors colors like white, grey and beige.

Your living room is of most importance since its where family comes together. Instead of getting completely new furniture. Perhaps consider refer-bashing it. Sofas and chairs can easily be reupholstered, making the pieces look completely new. It will bring a new energy to the room. Just like the sofa can be refer-bashed so can the coffee table and mirrors. For instance with an all wooden piece you are able to refinish it. With metal and glass perhaps consider refinishing the metal around it for a new look.

The New Year is calling and what better way to start the new Year than a New Look in your home. At Santa Barbara Design Center we carry anything you need for your home. Whether its a new sofa, sectional, dining table, side tables, dressers and much more. As well as a large collection of oriental rugs to help bring everything together. Your options are endless. Santa Barbara Design Center also offers reupholstering, refinishing, and rug cleaning and repair.

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Fun Ways To Incorporate a Suzani Into Your Design !

Fun Ways To Incorporate a Suzani Into Your Design ! rugs and more santa barbara design center -1

Suzanis are extremely beautiful and unique hand embroidered pieces. Known for its decorative tribal textile made in Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and a few other Central Asian countries.

Material & Design Motifs

In most cases Suzani textiles usually have a cotton or silk fabric base. Which is then embroidered in silk or cotton thread. Suzani’s are often made in two or more pieces, that are then stitched together.

Popular design motifs include sun and moon disks, flowers, leaves and vines, fruits (especially pomegranates), and occasional fish and birds.

History of Suzani

Suzanis were traditionally made by Central Asian brides as part of their dowry, and were presented to the groom on the wedding day. These hand-embroidered vintage suzani’s are infused with the character that only comes from everyday use. Perhaps created by a bride-to-be to show her devotion to her betrothed and then in lean times bartered away to a traveling merchant for money or household necessities pulled from the depths of his donkey cart. The story of each of these suzani’s is as rich as their colors and as intricate as the designs that cover their surfaces

Ways to Incorporate Suzani into your design

Here are a few fun ways to incorporate a suzani into your design.


If your the type of person that loves color. Consider a bed cover for instance. A suzani is the perfect add on for your bedroom decor. Its fun and full of fascinating colors and designs.


If your looking for a pop of color to add into your living room then having a piece of furniture upholstered with a beautiful embroidered suzani might just be the solution. Suzani’s feature a unique pattern, therefore making it an eye catching piece when entering the room.

Table Cover

Perhaps dress up your dining area with a extraordinary suzani. Your friends and family will love this piece and enjoy talking about its amazing history during a good feast.

Accent Pillows

On the other hand, what better way to add fun colors to a simple room. You can also use decorative pillows to add excitement to a plain room.

Hanging wall decor

Lastly, If you have a simple wall and are looking into how you could incorporate something beautiful to make it look pleasing to the eye. Then consider a wall hanging suzani/tapestry.

There are many different ways to incorporate a embroidered suzani. Whether its for your living room, dining room, or bedroom. Your options are endless. Create and imagine something beautiful and recreate it with a suzani. At Rugs and More we have a large collection of antique suzani’s and tapestry’s. With many different designs and colors to choose from.