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  • Shahsavan Rug Rugs and More

    Shahsavan Rug

    Shahsavan weavings have a strong tribal flavor with highly abstract, geometric designs and rich colors; a unique style of antique Persian rug, Shahsavan rugs and carpets are rich in cultural significance as well as in beauty.


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  • Finest Silk Tabriz Rugs and More

    Finest Silk Tabriz

    Extremely fine silk and thread vintage Tabriz Persian rug. Through the use of icy colors, this elegant vintage Persian Tabriz rug is meant to draw attention.


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  • Antique Baluch Rugs and More

    Antique Baluch

    Fine Baluch Rugs can be primarily recognized by their exceptional wool quality and color combination.


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  • Antique Qasugai Rugs and More

    Antique Qashqai Rug

    This Antique Qashqai rug is full of history, it’s unusual sense of spontaneity and aliveness is a direct historical re-telling of it’s creators lives. Qashqai people have a history and culture rich in both struggle and inspiration and their artful rugs resemble it.


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  • Antique Kelim Mafresh Camel Bag Rugs and More

    Antique Kelim Mafresh Camel Bag

    The subtle yet substantial genius of this Mafrash bag is found in the skillful use of color, the weaver’s understanding of the ancient tribal composition and their ability to precisely execute detail and secondary elements.

    w3’1 x h1’6

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  • Antique Tikke Rug Rugs and More

    Antique Tekke

    Most all antique Tekke Rugs have a distinctive weave. They are made and formed by asymmetrical knots tied onto ivory coloured wool warps.


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  • Panel of Early Nagsh Rugs and More

    Panel of Early Nagsh

    This Panel of Early Nagsh Embroidery was probably meant for a pair of woman’s trousers. Featuring silk thread embroidery. The embroidery consists of diagonal bands in the Nagsh tradition.

    Size: 1’3×1’9

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  • Kashmiri Pashimina Shawl Rugs and More

    Antique Kashmiri Pashmina Shawl

    Rare antique Kashmiri Pashimina Shawl. This delicate and painstakingly attention to detail is evident in this decorative masterpiece.



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  • Ikat Coat Rugs and more Oriental Rugs 31820.

    Antique Ikat Coat

    This colorful unique antique Ikat coat is one of a kind with its contrasting green border and paisley interior.


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  • Antique Tanka Rugs and More Oriental Rugs 31819

    Antique Tanka w/ Kemono Border

    Antique Tanka w/ Kemono Border. Beautiful and unique for its design. Hand painted to perfection featuring the Shiva God and Buddhas. Along with Dragon border.


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  • Antique Kelim Camel Bag Mafrash Rugs and More Oriental carpet

    Antique Kelim Camel Bag Mafrash

    Mafrash Antique Kelim Camel Bags have been made by nomads In eastern Turkey, northwestern Persia. The three-dimensional rectangular “boxy” bags were used for storage of bedding in their tents.

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  • Antique Kerman Ravar Rugs and More Oriental rugs 31818

    Antique Kerman Ravar

    Kerman Lavar rugs include detailed pictorials rendered in a style similar to the pictorial scenes produced in Qum and Isfahan.



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Rug Clearance

  • 100 Knots Tibetan Yellow and White Rug. A piece of genuine woven carpet art sold by Santa Barbara Design Center, Rugs and More.

    100 Knots Tibetan Yellow and White Rug

    Sale! $15,760.00 $7,880.00

    A piece of genuine woven carpet art sold by Santa Barbara Design Center and Rugs and More.

    8’1″ x 9’9″

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  • 29071 Bamboo Silk rugs and more oriental carpet

    29071 Bamboo Silk

    Sale! $30,802.00 $15,401.00

    9’2 x 12

    Fine Bamboo Silk hand made of natural wool and silk.

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  • 29325 Silk Ikat

    Sale! $3,989.00 $1,850.00

    2’10 x 5’9

    The Ikat Rug Collection of richly colored tie-dye rugs is a globally-inspired display of centuries-old coloring techniques used by Silk Road weavers.

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  • Modern Tibetan rug santa barbara design center rugs and more oriental carpet

    29327 Modern Tibetan

    Sale! $3,986.00 $1,890.00

    4 x 6′

    Modern Tibetan rug made of natural wool in the town of Tibet

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  • 29330

    Sale! $2,698.00 $1,342.00

    4 x 6

    Modern Tibetan hand made of natural wool in Tibet. repeated diamond pattern

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  • Afghan Berber Wool Hand made rug

    Afghan Berber Wool Hand made rug

    Sale! $6,804.00 $3,402.00


    The Moroccan Afghan Berber rugs are, nevertheless, distinctive in their coloration and in the more block-like geometry of their composition.

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  • Akstafa Prayer rug rugs and more oriental carpet 31556-

    Akstafa Prayer rug

    Sale! $9,800.00 $4,900.00

    Akstafa Prayer rug are a type of Caucasian rug. They are woven with the Turkish knot and although they are similar to Shirvan rugs they are easily recognized

    Size: 3'2 x 4'6

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  • American Native Navajo

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  • American Native Navajo 1

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  • American Native Navajo 28495

    Sale! $590.00 $295.00


    American native antique Navajo made of natural dyes.

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  • American Navajo 28141

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  • American Rag rugs and more oriental carpet 28700-

    American Rag 28700

    Sale! $2,950.00 $1,800.00


    This beautiful antique rug, an antique American rag rug, uses a simple and chaotic blend of colors and patterns to create a comfortable design.

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San Ysidro Collection

In coastal, temperate regions moderate the climate allows for interior design that blurs the lines between home interiors and the outdoors. This collection of rugs is specifically designed to fit the Mediterranean style home. Patterns inspired by nature and color schemes that enhance the natural light of a room compliment Mediterranean interiors perfectly.

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A Warm Welcome from Michael Kourosh

Michael Kourosh
Michael Kourosh Founder & President

Michael Kourosh has been a preeminent fixture in the design and home furnishing community in Santa Barbara for decades.  Michael’s work has been featured in some of the most luxurious and sophisticated hot spots around the world, including local gems The Four Seasons, San Ysidro and most recently in the renovation and re-imagining of The El Encanto Hotel in the American Riviera.

Michael started his love of decorative arts early on, and upon moving to Germany as a teenager he continued his apprenticeship in Persian rugs and antique collectables, where he earned his nick name ” the Rugoholic ” .

His love and holistic approach to interior design culminated when he moved to Santa Barbara and opened his first store in 1990.  The past 29 years has been spent refining his vision, taking another step forward with the opening of Santa Barbara’s first fully integrated Design Center.  He is proud and excited to be given the opportunity to share his vision with not only the design community, but everyone.  Michael strives to provide the utmost excellence in every area of interior design and service.  He has brought to Santa Barbara a unique opportunity for living spaces designed through in-house custom made furnishings, accessories, and collectables that will be the centerpiece of the finest homes for years to come.

With his network of the leading international designers, there is nothing that Michael cannot create, as is evident in the variety of design and retail awards bestowed upon his business, including 20 years and running as the best store in Santa Barbara.  He prides himself with being the foremost interior design resource in the Western United States, and is happy to share his expertise to Design Santa Barbara.

In his free time, the father of two loves to travel with his family on international adventures.

Watch Michael on Design Santa Barbara

Every Saturday @ 7pm on ABC – KEYT3

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Hand Tufted Rugs Are No Good, Learn Why?

Hand Tuffted Rugs Are No Good, Learn Why?

What not to buy when shopping for a rug!

Anything that has a backing is no good because it hides what they had done underneath it. Which is latex glue that lets out toxins.

Buying rugs over the Internet can be easy and inexpensive, but when it arrives they almost smell like gasoline or deisel because they do not let the latex cure. On top of that they shed quite a lot due to the wool being cheap because the rugs need to be inexpensive to sell.

Eventually, it will start coming apart and will end up in our landfill. This is why hand tufted rugs are no good! We highly recommend that you buy a rug that is hand knotted. The way to tell that it is hand knotted is by checking the back of a rug and seeing that the knots are done individually. You will also find that each knot is slightly different then the next.

Rugs & More is recognized as the ultimate shopping destination for the world’s finest rugs. Our rugs are sourced internationally and are hand selected and surveyed to ensure the highest quality.

Santa Barbara Design center
410 Olive St Santa Barbara, CA 93101
(805) 962-8555

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Forbidden Stitch

Chinese Forbidden Stitch rugs and more oriental carpet 31741-

Forbidden Stitch

The Forbidden Stitch. Why is it forbidden? The standard answer is that its so small and difficult to work. Making this stitch causes the needle worker to go blind. Young girls loose their eyesight when they make this stitch! stitches used along with satin stitches and couching on highly decorative, finely-worked silk costume items.  One romantic view suggests that this label appeared when such work was forbidden among young girls because its fineness contributed to eyestrain.

Certain terms consistently refer to small knots made on the fabric surface by wrapping a heavy embroidery thread. Usually silk floss, around a needle and then stitching it down.  This has been done with varying numbers of wrappings and degrees of complexity.

Chinese Embroidery

Among actual Chinese embroideries, it is unusual to find the knots so widely spaced or scattered. The spacing is dependent upon the length of the connecting stitch on the under side of the fabric.  Each knot is indeed separate, however, this distinguishes the stitch most clearly from the Pekinese Stitch.  The medieval nobles of Europe loved this stitch and they were making a version of it under the name French Knot. A French Knot is basically the same as a Pekin Knot (aka Forbidden Stitch), only the thread is wrapped at least twice around the needle.

Forbidden City

The name comes from a forbidden city. The Emperors of China lived in the Forbidden City from the 1400’s until the 1900’s and they had hordes of needle workers making costumes and tapestries and table clothes and a zillion other things. The Forbidden Stitch was for the Emperor and his court and not for the rest of us mere mortals. It wasn’t supposed to leave the Forbidden City but of course it did.



Rugs & more/ Santa Barbara Design Center

Visit us at 410 Olive Street. Santa Barbara, CA. 93101

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Sampler Wagireh Rug

Sampler -bijar wagireh sampler rug santa barbara design center rugs and more oriental carpet

Antique Sampler / Wagireh

The sampler rugs are also known as wagireh. Made as a template with many pattern and carpet design. Production of larger rugs, they are generally small pieces the size of a scatter rug or mat.

Although these rugs do not show the entire design, they only show the basic or fundamental portion of the various larger decorative elements of the field and borders. As well as, selected individual motifs, which could then be expanded according to established symmetrical repetitions to produce the complete composition.


The answer probably lies in the completeness of the wagireh as a holographic shorthand for the finished carpet in all its aspects, not only the pattern and the knot count, but all the structural detail the spin of the yarns, the number of wefts, the thickness of the pile, the precise color and texture of the wool, and most of all, the exact relative proportion of all the elements, in one concise package.

As such the sampler / wagireh evolved as more than just a pattern. It was to all intents and purposes a shorthand rug, abbreviated and abstracted to be sure, but a rug nonetheless. That is why wagirehs so often have the visual impact or effect of a complete rug, even though their designs are sometimes off-center, ignoring the rules of symmetry that normally govern ornamental rug design.



The fact that complete borders, no matter how small, enclose the whole array induces us to read the wagireh as a framed composition rather than as a fragment or something incomplete. It is not difficult to see how this sampler, whose size is comparable to many a scatter-size rug, could readily serve as a beautiful piece of floor covering when it was not being used to guide the production of room-sized medallion garden carpets. The richness of its coloration and the tactile velvety quality of its wool would only facilitate this double function.


When we consider the case of this particular Bidjar wagireh, it is no longer difficult to see why sampler rugs of this kind were made in lieu of colored sketches.


Sampler Rugs

Rugs were produced by people who loved rugs, people for whom rugs were a fundamental feature of daily life. The wagireh, or at least exceptional wagirehs like this one, helped to maintain a seamless continuity between the manufacture of rugs as an economic industry and the enjoyment of rugs as integral part of cultural experience.


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Yomut Asmalyk

Yomut asmalyk decorative flanks of a brides wedding camel rugs and more oriental carpet antique collectables-

About Yomut Asmalyk

A Yomut Asmalyk is a unique collectable that may be pile or embroidered. They are usually five-sided.

Yomut asmalyk decorative flanks of a brides wedding camel rugs and more oriental carpet antique collectables-

Yomut asmalyks are the most common, followed by those of the Tekke tribe. In addition, they were made in pairs to decorate the flanks of a bride’s wedding camel, and were then hung in her domed, felt-covered tent.

Yomut asmalyk decorative flanks of a brides wedding camel rugs and more oriental carpet antique collectables-
Yomut Asmalyk (Size: 2’3 x 3’6)


Yomut asmalyk decorative flanks of a brides wedding camel rugs and more oriental carpet antique collectables-
Antique Yomut Asmalyk (Size: 2’5 x 3’8)

These Antique Yomut Asmalyk pieces can be viewed at Santa Barbara Design Center. Come in to view our large collection of antique collectables and hundreds of Oriental carpets.


Rugs and More Santa Barbara, California

Rugs & More of Santa Barbara provides California and the West Coast with the most comprehensive collection of new and antique oriental rugs, modern carpets and contemporary floor covering. Furthermore, For three generations, Rugs & More has become the most trusted and reliable source for rugs and floor coverings for home decor.

Voted best rug store of Santa Barbara, California for 25 years!

Any type of area Rugs, Antique Rugs, Vintage Rugs, Modern Rugs, Traditional Rugs, Transitional Rug, Contemporary Rugs, Tapestries and wall hangings, Shag Rugs, Woven Rugs, Flat Rugs, Hand Braided, Hand Woven, Hand Hooked – we offer them all! We help you to roll out the decorating groundwork in each room with one or more of our rugs! Our rugs are only of the highest quality.

Shapes: we carry all shapes and sizes. Round, Square, Rectangular, Oval, and Custom Sizes. Furthermore, We offer the following Services at Rugs and More: Stain Removal; Rug Washing; Rug Repair and Restoration; Surging; Binding; Re-sizing; Rug Appraisals; and Rug Installation.

Materials: we have silk, cotton, wool, blended, synthetic, outdoor, leather, and fur rugs!

Colors: we can customize the rug to the colors you need to make your home the style and comfort that you are looking for with your home decor.

We have rug pads that we can size for under any rug, which extend the life of your rugs and protect your floors.

Rugs & more/ Santa Barbara Design Center

Visit us at 410 Olive Street. Santa Barbara, CA. 93101