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Ziegler & Company Custom Made Rugs

This Ziegler & Company Rugs are hand made from natural wool and organic dyes. Featuring unique design to fit seamlessly into any home decor.
Shop Ziegler & Company
Designer Rugs for sale at RugsandMore.com in Santa Barbara, Ca.

Kourosh Collection

Rugs and More offers a stunning array of hand-woven masterpieces that are both beautiful and functional. The timeless designs and expert craftsmanship of these rugs make them investments that will last for generations to come. Whether you are looking to add a touch of luxury to your home or simply want to experience the beauty of Persian artistry, the KOUROSH COLLECTION is sure to impress. Don't hesitate, visit Rugs and More today and discover the magic of these breathtaking works of art!
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Guy and girl in the store. Couple in love in Turkey. Man and woman in the Eastern country. Gift shop. A couple in love travels. Persian shop. Tourists in store. Oriental carpet. Istanbul. Cappadocia. Rugs and More in Santa Barbara, Ca

Santa Barbara News Press’ Readers Choice Award

We provide the West Coast with the most comprehensive collection of new, oriental, and antique rugs. For over three generations, we have been the most trusted and reliable source for rugs and home decor. Take advantage of our award winning customer service on your next interior design project and enjoy all of the benefits we provide our loyal clients. Rugs & More is proud to have earned the Santa Barbara News Press’ Readers Choice Award for eighteen years running! We would like to thank our loyal patrons for helping us accomplish this.

Exquisite Rug Haven

Rugs & More is recognized as the ultimate shopping destination for the world’s finest rugs. Our rugs are sourced internationally and are hand selected and surveyed to ensure the highest quality. We also offer rugs that have been produced in collaboration with renowned interior designers, including Kathryn Roberts and Barbara Barry. Additionally, Rugs & More supplies rugs for high-profile hotels. It is an honor to have created exclusive collections for the Four Seasons, San Ysidro, and other famous getaways.
Robert Sciberras for sale at RugsandMore.com in Santa Barbara, Ca.

Why buy an antique rug?

Antique rugs have been made exclusively by hand with hand spun wool and natural dyes. They are passe down for many generations and add warmth and personality to your home.

How to buy a rug?

Always know what the purpose is and your budget when buying a rug whether it is hand knotted or hand tufted there is lots to choose from at Santa Barbara Design Center.

"Uncovering the History Behind Santa Barbara's Timeless Rugs"

Looking for something unique? Unearth the untold tales woven into every rug at Santa Barbara's Rugs and More Collection. Discover a rare piece of art today 🎨🌺

Feel the difference with our luxurious, high-quality rugs that will transform any space.

Santa Barbara Rug Collection

The Santa Barbara Rug Collection is a testament to the rich cultural heritage and timeless artistry of rug-making. Each piece tells a unique story and reflects the history and traditions of the community that produced it. By uncovering and preserving this legacy, we can appreciate the beauty and craftsmanship of these rugs for generations to come. Whether you're an avid collector or simply appreciate fine art, we invite you to explore the Santa Barbara Rug Collection and discover its hidden treasures. So why not embark on a journey of discovery today? Your appreciation for these stunning works of art will be well-rewarded!
Shop Santa Barbara's Rug Collection
It's time to elevate your home decor game with the Santa Barbara Rugs and More Collection!

Give your home a touch of elegance with Rugs and More Santa Barbara's premium quality floor coverings.

Make a statement in your living space with one of our breathtakingly beautiful rugs from Santa Barbara's Rugs & More collection! Our wide range of textures, colors, and sizes will suit any taste or preference- so why not indulge yourself? Visit us now and discover quality like never before!!
Let our stunning area rugs elevate the ambiance of any room in your home! Dive into endless possibilities when you shop from our curated collection at Santa Barbara's Rugs & More - THE destination for high-quality floor decor.

Michael Kourosh

Michael Kourosh has been a preeminent fixture in the design and home furnishing community in Santa Barbara for decades. Michael’s work has been featured in some of the most luxurious and sophisticated hot spots around the world, including local gems The Four Seasons, San Ysidro and most recently in the renovation and re-imagining of The El Encanto Hotel in the American Riviera.

Michael started his love of decorative arts early on, and upon moving to Germany as a teenager he continued his apprenticeship in Persian rugs and antique collectables, where he earned his nick name ”The Rugoholic."

Customer Testimonials

I love antique carpets and throw rugs and understand how important it is to maintain and care for them. So when I needed some badly damaged Navaho and Turkish rugs cleaned I knew I had to go to the best!
Michael is a true expert. I can't recommend this store more highly.

Sarah White
Santa Barbara

Looking for beautiful rugs at affordable prices? Rugs & More is definitely the place to go. I went in after looking up some reviews and was shocked to see that the selection was better than anticipated. Michael and his staff will surely be able to help you find what you're looking for.

Christine Bell
Santa Barbara

My wife and myself bought two rugs from Michael he is so nice polite and gave us the best deal on two rugs which we just just love. If you need a handmade rug definitely speak to Michael and he will really take care of you. He’s the best!

James Balker
Santa Barbara

Customer Testimonials

Michael and his team helped us to get our old Persian rugs repaired and cleaned and they did an amazing job. We were planning to replace them and did this instead which saved us lots of money - and we love the rugs. Well done!

Peter Work
Santa Barbara
Closet Factory

"I usually don't write reviews, but can't tell you how pleasant it was to work with Harris designing the closet, Joaquin doing the scheduling of the closets and the professionalism of the installers. Harris came out twice and…"

Lizabeth A.
Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara Design Center offers furnishings for every aspect of your home, quality products and reasonable pricing. Michael and his team are attentive and responsive and will work to find exactly what you are looking for. Michael has.."

J S.
Santa Barbara
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Rugs & More provides the West Coast with the most comprehensive collection of new, antique, & oriental rugs.
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