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New Arrivals

  • Batik Antique Tapestry 32322

    Batik Antique Tapestry


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  • Quchan Garden 4'2x5'11

    Antique Quchan Rug

    Sale! $7,800.00 $3,900.00

    This Garden of Paradise Antique Quchan Rug was hand woven in North East Turkmenistan bordering Afghanistan. Made on a wool foundation, you can see there are two garden of paradise scenes- one for the husband and one for the wife, because they want to actually enjoy after life.


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  • Suzani Pillowcase Rugs & More. Oriental Carpets. 18x18

    Suzani Pillowcase

    This Suzani Pillowcase is a beautiful needlework that replicates the historical tradition of the Suzani tribe. These pillows are hand stitched with traditional floral motifs in rich reds, blues and greens.


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  • Suzani Pillowcase Rugs & More. Oriental Carpets. 18x18

    Suzani Pillowcase

    This Suzani Pillowcase is a beautiful needlework that replicates the historical tradition of the Suzani tribe. These pillows are hand stitched with traditional floral motifs in rich reds, blues and greens.


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  • Suzani Pillowcase Rugs & More. Oriental Carpets. 18x18 1

    Suzani Pillowcase

    This Suzani Pillowcase is a beautiful needlework that replicates the historical tradition of the Suzani tribe. These pillows are hand stitched with traditional floral motifs in rich reds, blues and greens.


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  • Ziegler & Co Antique Oushak Rugs & More Oriental Carpets 27807

    Ziegler & Co Antique Oushak

    Ziegler & Co Antique Oushak is hand crafted with beautiful floral designs. The Ziegler’s overall aesthetic is one of diverse finesse and sophistication.


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  • Antique Oushak Rugs & More Oriental Carpets 27791 4

    Rare Antique Classic Oushak

    Rare Antique Classic Oushak with unique scale patterns. The soft and decorative coloration make these rugs extremely sought after by the trend-setters and taste-makers in the interior design trade.


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  • Antique Sarouk rugs & More Orential Carpets 27781

    Antique Sarouk

    The wool used to make Sarouks are known worldwide for their durability and color. With a quality that out-stands many others, this rug is one of a kind. The Sarouk’s natural dyes add vibrant depth and luster. This rug can withstand several generations of heavy use.


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  • Antique Khotan Rugs & More Oriental Carpets 27804.

    Antique Khotan Rug

    This antique Khotan Rug is made of wool and natural dyes. The city of Khotan has an ancient crafting culture that includes both silk and carpet weaving. Rugs from Khotan depict an abundance of cultural and stylistic influences.


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  • Lotus Flower Tibetan Rug Rugs & More Oriental Carpets

    Tibetan Lotus Flower Runner

    Sale! $11,600.00 $5,800.00

    This Tibetan Lotus Flower runner is hand woven of wool and the lotus flower is made of silk. This rug brings warmth and color to any homes’ hallway.

    17 x3

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  • Montecito Z&C Oushak Rugs & More

    Monticito Ziegler & Co. Oushak

    Sale! $15,600.00 $7,800.00

    This Montecito Ziegler & Co. Oushak has an striking and unusual sky blue color with flowers. The soft field of blue flowers is a charming way to bring beauty to your hallway.


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  • Antique Malayer Rugs & More Oriental Carpets 28926 .

    Antique Malayer

    Sale! $11,980.00 $5,990.00

    The complex compilations and motifs that make up antique Malayer rugs are always interesting and dynamic.


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Rug Clearance

  • 100 Knots Tibetan Yellow and White Rug. A piece of genuine woven carpet art sold by Santa Barbara Design Center, Rugs and More.

    100 Knots Tibetan Yellow and White Rug

    Sale! $15,760.00 $7,880.00

    A piece of genuine woven carpet art sold by Santa Barbara Design Center and Rugs and More.

    8’1″ x 9’9″

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  • 29071 Bamboo Silk rugs and more oriental carpet

    29071 Bamboo Silk

    Sale! $30,802.00 $15,401.00

    9’2 x 12

    Fine Bamboo Silk hand made of natural wool and silk.

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  • 29325 Silk Ikat

    Sale! $3,989.00 $1,850.00

    2’10 x 5’9

    The Ikat Rug Collection of richly colored tie-dye rugs is a globally-inspired display of centuries-old coloring techniques used by Silk Road weavers.

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  • Modern Tibetan rug santa barbara design center rugs and more oriental carpet

    29327 Modern Tibetan

    Sale! $3,986.00 $1,890.00

    4 x 6′

    Modern Tibetan rug made of natural wool in the town of Tibet

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  • 29330

    Sale! $2,698.00 $1,342.00

    4 x 6

    Modern Tibetan hand made of natural wool in Tibet. repeated diamond pattern

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  • Afghan Berber Wool Hand made rug

    Afghan Berber Wool Hand made rug

    Sale! $6,804.00 $3,402.00


    The Moroccan Afghan Berber rugs are, nevertheless, distinctive in their coloration and in the more block-like geometry of their composition.

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  • Akstafa Prayer rug rugs and more oriental carpet 31556-

    Akstafa Prayer rug

    Sale! $9,800.00 $4,900.00

    Akstafa Prayer rug are a type of Caucasian rug. They are woven with the Turkish knot and although they are similar to Shirvan rugs they are easily recognized

    Size: 3'2 x 4'6

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  • American Native Navajo 1

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  • American Native Navajo 28495

    Sale! $590.00 $295.00


    American native antique Navajo made of natural dyes.

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  • American Navajo 28141

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  • American Rag rugs and more oriental carpet 28700-

    American Rag 28700

    Sale! $2,950.00 $1,800.00


    This beautiful antique rug, an antique American rag rug, uses a simple and chaotic blend of colors and patterns to create a comfortable design.

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  • Amuoghli Mashad Rug

    Sale! $32,024.00 $16,012.00

    The finest materials were used to create a master work for the floor.

    12’0″ x 8’9″

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San Ysidro Collection

In coastal, temperate regions moderate the climate allows for interior design that blurs the lines between home interiors and the outdoors. This collection of rugs is specifically designed to fit the Mediterranean style home. Patterns inspired by nature and color schemes that enhance the natural light of a room compliment Mediterranean interiors perfectly.

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A Warm Welcome from Michael Kourosh

Michael Kourosh
Michael Kourosh Founder & President

Michael Kourosh has been a preeminent fixture in the design and home furnishing community in Santa Barbara for decades.  Michael’s work has been featured in some of the most luxurious and sophisticated hot spots around the world, including local gems The Four Seasons, San Ysidro and most recently in the renovation and re-imagining of The El Encanto Hotel in the American Riviera.

Michael started his love of decorative arts early on, and upon moving to Germany as a teenager he continued his apprenticeship in Persian rugs and antique collectables, where he earned his nick name ” the Rugoholic ” .

His love and holistic approach to interior design culminated when he moved to Santa Barbara and opened his first store in 1990.  The past 29 years has been spent refining his vision, taking another step forward with the opening of Santa Barbara’s first fully integrated Design Center.  He is proud and excited to be given the opportunity to share his vision with not only the design community, but everyone.  Michael strives to provide the utmost excellence in every area of interior design and service.  He has brought to Santa Barbara a unique opportunity for living spaces designed through in-house custom made furnishings, accessories, and collectables that will be the centerpiece of the finest homes for years to come.

With his network of the leading international designers, there is nothing that Michael cannot create, as is evident in the variety of design and retail awards bestowed upon his business, including 20 years and running as the best store in Santa Barbara.  He prides himself with being the foremost interior design resource in the Western United States, and is happy to share his expertise to Design Santa Barbara.

In his free time, the father of two loves to travel with his family on international adventures.

Watch Michael on Design Santa Barbara

Every Saturday @ 7pm on ABC – KEYT3

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Patchwork Rug Decor

Patchwork Rug Decor rugs and more oriental carpet 2

What is a Patchwork?

Patchwork or “pieced work” is a form of  sewing together pieces of rugs into a larger design. The larger design is usually based on repeating patterns built up with different rug shapes (which can be different colors). These shapes are carefully measured and cut, basic geometric shapes making them easy to piece together.

The patchwork rug is a great idea for transforming your floors. It is also a creative way of bringing color to a room. In the above picture, a rug salvaged from antique rug pieces is a charming part of the décor.

At Rugs and more we carry a large selection of overdyed patchwork rugs. Our vintage patchwork rugs sew together cultures, traditions and history, creating beautifully unique rugs that should be treated as contemporary works of art. Combining pieces of vintage and antique hand-woven rugs and backed with a fabric as reinforcement, they showcase a wide variety of weaving traditions and are created to fit into both contemporary and traditional interior designs


Patchwork Rugs


Blue Patchwork of antique over dyed rugs creating a modern collage of antiquity. 14’3″ x 10’2″


Patchwork Purple Unique antique rug. Size: 7’3 x 10


Sultanabad Patchwork 12’1 x 15

View Collection

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Decorate Your Home With A Navajo Rug, Learn How?

Decorate Your Home With A Navajo Rug, Learn How?

What is Navajo?

What Is a Navajo Rug? they are textiles produced by Navajo people of the Four Corners area of the United States. Navajo textiles are highly regarded and have been sought after as trade items for over 150 years. Navajo textiles were originally utilitarian blankets for use as cloaks, dresses, saddle blankets, and similar purposes. Toward the end of the 19th century, weavers began to make rugs for tourism and export. Typical Navajo textiles have strong geometric patterns. They are a flat tapestry-woven textile produced in a fashion similar to kilims of Eastern Europe and Western Asia, but with some notable differences. In Navajo weaving, the slit weave technique common in kilims is not used, and the warp is one continuous length of yarn, not extending beyond the weaving as fringe. Traders from the late 19th and early 20th century encouraged adoption of some kilim motifs into Navajo designs.


 Ways To Decorate With A Navajo Rug

Navajo rugs and throw


Decorating with Navajo rugs is really limited only by your creativity and square footage! You can of course use Navajo rugs as floor coverings, but (especially with rarer or more delicate pieces) they are also lovely on the wall or even draped on a couch or used as a table runner. They work well in homes that have a more traditional style, but they work equally well in more modern, clean-lined homes–offering a pop of color and pattern.

Decorative Navajo Hung on wall


Southwestern style packs a whole lot of history into one single interior design genre. The iconic look of the “Wild West” manages to meld together elements from multiple cultures and periods of history, but it’s translatable to modern homes in our day.


Navajo rug in dining room area


Native American rugs are always durable and can last for very long periods before being worn out. This feature makes them more comfortable for longer. Like other rugs, they reduce noise levels and increase the comfort of the people living in the room making it more enjoyable to walk bare feet.

Navajo Rugs

Gray Hill Navajos features a unique design with organic dyes Size: 4’7 x 8’2


Unique Navajo Rug featuring crosses and diamond like design


Rare Large Navajo Featuring unique pattern and multi colors


Crystal Navajo Rug



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Make A Statement In Your Home With An Oriental Rug, Learn Why?

Make A Statement In Your Home With An Oriental Rug, Learn Why?


When furnishing your home you want to design your room around your rug. Choose rugs that will make a great statement and go well with your interior. When you think of statement making rugs, you want to think of bright colors and bold patterns.

Make A Statement In Your Home With An Oriental Rug, Learn Why?

Even if you prefer to keep things simple in terms of your key living room pieces, you can still have fun with color via an area rug. Vivid blues, magentas, and greens make a statement while complementing neutral chairs, a sofa, and existing decor. A dramatic color palette always makes an impression, especially in an otherwise-neutral space.

The reasons to buy an oriental, hand-knotted Persian rug are varied as the rugs themselves. Their versatility in design, function and color are what makes them so special. Persian rugs can expensive, opulent, and extravagant, but they can also be affordable, practical, and durable.

Statement Rugs


Antique Serapi Rug of Majestic Proportions and Design


Finest Ziegler & Co Farahan Rug


Fine Sultanabad



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Create a Bohemian Style With these Oriental Rugs

Create a Bohemian Style With these Oriental Rugs 2

Creating a Bohemian living room means creating an absolutely different and personalized atmosphere to your liking. In addition, the best feature of this boho style is that you can use any art pieces. Include your own work of art and mix colors you wish. Bohemian style often resembles a fun Eastern interior. For instance, Moroccan, so enjoy bright colors and patterns if that is what your into. You want to include wood, fur, different fabrics, leather and silk plants. Most importantly choose a oriental rug that will go with your bohemian design. Your options are endless when it comes to rugs and with a boho interior you can use pretty much any style rug.  Have fun and enjoy the variety of materials you can use to create a wonderful Bohemian design. Personalized in various ways, get inspired!

Shirvan  Kilim

This Shirvan Kilim is a flat tapestry-woven carpet traditionally produced in countries of the former Ottoman Empire, Iran, Azerbaijan and Turkic countries of Central Asia. Kilims can be purely decorative in any home especially in this design. These bohemian decorating ideas have colorful collections, unconventional displays, and design inspired by free expression as its core elements. It draws a portrait of your living room as individualistic as you.


Antique Shirvan Kelim Rugs & More Oriental Carpets
Antique Shirvan Kelim


Shirvan Rugs & More Oriental Carpets
Shirvan Kelim Rug



Create a Bohemian Style With these Oriental Rugs 22

Khotan Rugs

With this Victorian style living room that has a quirky take with a boho-chic look, you are sure to come out of your comfort zone when you are in the home. These bohemian decorating ideas have heavy wood furniture with gorgeous decor that stand testament to the craftsmanship that has gone into designing this.  The palette of colors range from the more soft and decorative to more bold and rich. Many will have stronger and more geometric patterns or drawings.

Antique Khotan Rugs – The vast majority of the antique rugs which were woven in the East Turkestan city of Khotan have a style that is all their own. Khotan is an oasis and an age-old center for international design. From the ornate borders and grand medallions to the stunning repeating patterns, each carpet from Khotan captures a cosmopolitan style that is different than all the other rugs produced in East Turkestan.

Finest Khotan Rug


Antique Khotan Rug



Create a Bohemian Style With these Oriental Rugs 22


Antique Serapi rugs were made by small workshops and families, which resulted in formal Persian carpets as well as those with rustic tribal influences. Local production methods contributed to the characteristic abrash that adds a textural appearance to the stark field and contrasting decorations seen in many Persian Serapi rugs. These fine antique carpets were made in many sizes and shapes ranging from elongated corridor carpets to highly desirable room-size rugs. Persian Serapi rugs feature clear colors, creamy un-dyed fleece beautifully tempered reds, warm earth tones and concentrated blues

Furthermore, this bohemian room features a Serapi rug full of vibrant colors and various cultural designs. The attractive design of the oriental carpet blends well with the overall scheme of the bedroom. These bohemian decorating ideas are the perfect mix of eclectic design and fun with colors that are chosen wisely.


Rare Antique Serapi


Rare Antique Serapi