Unique antique Caucasian Shirvan Prayer Rug

An absolutely unique, rare and beautiful piece of woven carpet art. The rarest Caucasian prayer rug. Asymmetrical motifs give this rug character unlike it’s counterparts. This rug is meant for a use: meditating.

5′ x 5’9″


Unique antique Caucasian Shirvan Prayer Rug

Unique antique Caucasian Shirvan Prayer Rug

An absolutely unique, rare and beautiful piece of woven carpet art. This is the rarest Caucasian prayer rug I could have found and as a Rugoholic I had to have it.

Asymmetrical design and unique motives give this rug a character unlike any of it’s counterparts. The back ground is a sea ( Caspian sea ) and dragons flying from horizon out of it into Caucasus’s blue sky. there is a comb as sign of purity, a ceremonial ear ring as sign of celebration , thunder and rain on the corners as a symbol of prosperity, pomegranate trees in the bottom as a sign of wealth and fruitfulness and youth, there are fantastic creatures in the water to add mystic to this piece. This rug is meant for a use: meditating. This amazing piece features both Christian and Islamic writing and calendar. It is woven upside down for ease of its user.

It is dated 1890

5′ x 5’9″

it is absolutely the best Shirvan Prayer rug of its type in the world.

The administrative district of Shirvan produced many highly decorative antique rugs. Shirvan rugs have a formality along with stylistic complexity that is found in few rugs from the Caucasus. Shirvan rugs are often the most sought after antique rugs from the Caucasus. Caucasian Shirvans rugs tend to be distinguished by a larger, more supple weave.


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