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Ziegler Sultanabad Carpets

Ziegler Sultanabad Carpets

Ziegler Sultanabad Carpets

Antique Ziegler Sultanabad Carpets have become one of the most sought-after rugs amongst the Persian weavings and most are from the 19th century and turn of the 20th century. They appeal keenly to interior designers and collectors because they are outstanding examples of casual, and surprisingly contemporary designs. Highly decorative aesthetically and very desired that is why they are so difficult to find – but lucky for you Rugs & More carries a very large collection of Sultanabad carpets for you to peruse!

The Sultanabad antique carpet styles are very unique with their variations of all-over patterns, such as the Herati (repeated diamond and curling leaf), the Mina Khani (repeated circular flower-head) and Harshang (highly stylized dragon and blossom), often seen in pastels and earth tones. And you can also find a small number of Oriental Sultanabad rugs use wonderfully detailed interpretations of the beloved Mustafvai (stylized “Garden of Paradise”) motif.

An even more exclusive class in the antique Sultanabad rug style are Nineteenth-century Ivory Sultanabad carpets, which are found mostly in the 9ft x 12ft to 10ft 6in x 14ft sizes and with a palette based on their undyed sheep’s wool which are concentrated in hues of ivory, cream and beige and often with lattice works of flower-heads and vines.

“In the late 1870s, a new style of Sultanabad antique rug was developed as a result of venture capital money invested by Ziegler & Co. of Manchester, England, which subsidized one-of-a-kind commissioned pieces particularly for export to England and France. This resulted in the noted “Ziegler Sultanabad” Persian carpet style. Distinguished by a significantly finer weave and thinner fabric, and stylish, allover patterns in delicate color, Ziegler Sultanabad rugs met with great success in Europe, immediately recognized by the more decoratively inclined Western markets. Although based on classical Persian carpet patterns, Zieglers offer delightfully inspired English translations, often to impressive over scale proportions.” Stated Jan David Winitz, a renowned carpet collector and connoisseur.

Because of their rarity the best 19th-century and turn-of-the-20th-century Sultanabad Persian rugs will continue to grow as investments for many decades to come. Like a fine piece of artwork their value will only gain as time goes by.

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