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Unique Antique Bakhtairi Commissioned Carpet

Unique Antique Bakhtairi Commissioned Carpet - Rugs & More, Santa Barbara Design Center in Santa Barbara, California. Beautiful Antique rug.

Unique Antique Bakhtairi Commissioned Carpet

Persian rugs are one of the only practical pieces of fine art found in the world due to the fact that no other investment grows in beauty and value as they increases with age. A perfect example is this Bakhtiari Carpet that was commissioned in c. 1870 for his holly Ashraf head of the army. As you can see the top of the carpet is inscribed by Bakhtiaris. Beautifully crafted with amazing saturated colors, size and condition. This is a Beautiful Unique Antique Bakhtairi Commissioned Carpet.

antique rare khan Bakhtiar

C. 1870 Rare Antique Bakhtairi Carpet Item # 43702 Size 16′.6″ x 24′.6″

Oversize and palace-size antique Bakhtiatri carpets that were woven on commission by the great Bakhtiari khans are among the most highly regarded of the antique Bakhtiari carpets. The carpet includes representational characters and beautiful motifs of the 16th, 17th, & 18th centuries. Over a million strands of wool were gracefully tied into a pattern of Persian figures with stylized motifs.

The History

The History of the rugs and carpets considered among the finest in the world began in 1810 in Northwest Persia’s Zagros mountain range, home to the Bakhtiari, who were famed for their weaving. These carpets are admired for both their technical skill and artistry of bold geometric, floral and figurative designs.

Handcrafted Bakhtiari carpets have some basic characteristics that mark them as examples of the highest quality. The carpet should be dense and tight to the touch, which gives the pattern a clear and crisp like a focused picture; not blurry. The carpet should have good body. Contrary to popular belief, thickness has no effect on durability. The thickness is determined by the climate in which the carpet was woven. Another tip, they should have a natural sheen that comes from the using the finest wool enhances the color tones, so that the older a rug gets, the better it will look. Making a Persian classic carpet can take a family a year or more to create a carpet. And also keep in mind that it has taken thousands of years for Persian carpet makers to develop the looms, dyes, designs and materials that go into making one of their masterpieces.

Authentic Persian carpets can be viewed as a reflection between man and nature. Each arabesque, medallion, cartouche, spandrel and rosette is specifically selected to achieve harmony and balance. The colors, symbols and borders express the history and hope of a people. To this day these various “styles” provide a woven language that tells a story of the centuries old culture of Persia.

Although this particular Bakhtiari is very rare, Rugs & More have a large inventory of high qualify Persian rugs, from every famed region. This includes outstanding examples from Kermanshah, Tabriz, Yazd, Malayer, and Senneeh, among others.


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