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Tabriz Rugs

Tabriz Silk Carpet

The height of Tabriz carpets popularity were produced during the Safavid dynasty by local artisans throughout the 16th Century. Classic Persian carpet weaving flourished throughout this period (from 1499 to 1722), this is why they called it the Golden Age. Many carpets were made from the  influence of Shah Abbas the Great (1587-1629) who left behind a true legacy.

Elaborate designs were drawn as Caricatures, which the artists implemented, into their weaving. Creating such motifs as medallions, combating animals, birds, vines, and palmettos – which are all depicted in some of these beautiful masterpieces. Each motif has esoteric meanings that combine ancient elements of the decorative art and traditional symbolism based on some legendary event, love-scene or mythological or religious plot…

Tabriz silk Medallion

Tabriz silk Medallion

Tabriz Silk Carpet border

Tabriz Silk Carpet border

Throughout this period the artists and artisans created wonderful manuscripts, embroidered silks, painted miniatures and fabricated metal work in the Safavid style. And it was during this very fertile and creative era that the weavers of Tabriz rugs attained new artistic heights by created extraordinary oriental rugs and carpets.

Rugs and More has quite a few beautiful examples of Tabriz rugs!  If you are looking for a jewel to be displayed in your home please come by today and we will show you the beautiful workmanship of Tabriz carpets.

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