Antique Persian Qashqai 19th Century Rug

Antique Qashqai rug are beautiful and intricate, Tribal pile rugs. They get their name from Persian nomadic tribes that have lived in what is now southwest Iran for centuries.

4’5″ x 7’10”


 Antique Persian Qashqai 19th Century Rug

Antique Persian Qashqai 19th Century Rug

4’5″ x 7’10”

Antique Qashqai rugs are beautiful and intricate tribal pile rugs. They get their name from Persian nomadic tribes. That have lived in what is now southwest Iran for centuries. The Qashqai people lived in central Asia and the Caucasus region for many centuries before moving to their current home region. Because of this diverse history, influences from many regions are apparent in their carpets. Discerning viewers may recognize similarities to the artistic styles of the Turkmen people, Caucasians, and other tribes that live near them today.

Antique Qashqai rugs will typically feature dark reds, saffron golds, and rich blues. These jewel tone rug colors were available to the ancient tribes with vegetable-based dyes, and today they are still often incorporated into the design despite the availability of a wider range of dyes. This is both a tribute to their past and a sign that Qashqai weavers refuse to sacrifice quality for easy-to-use synthetic dyes. Traditionally, the Qashqai tribes wove the designs into the antique rugs from memory, without the help of a pattern to copy.

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