Fine Ziegler Oushak Rug with soft blue grey

$39,000.00 $11,700.00

Ziegler & Company have perfected the art of matching classic Oushak styling with color palettes to fulfill any designer’s dream.  Their master weavers are known as the finest in the craft of floor art, and this is a wonderful example.  The muted colors work to capture and enhance natural lighting.

11’11 x 15’2


Fine Ziegler Oushak

Ziegler & Company Oushak Rug Original Hand Knotted

Fine Ziegler & Co Oushak rugs are perfectly at home in California. The rugs from this collection have been used extensively in high end homes, institutions, hotels and country clubs throughout California, because they have been created to match Spanish colonial and Tuscan architecture of the coastal region and specifically Santa Barbara, Ventura, and San Luis Obispo Counties. This Ziegler & Co. Oushak Rug collection at its best has been used in the San Ysidro .  In coastal, temperate regions the moderate climate allows for interior design that blurs the lines between home interiors and the outdoors. This collection of rugs is specifically designed to fit the Mediterranean style home. The Patterns of this rug are inspired by nature and color schemes that enhance the natural light of a room compliment Mediterranean interiors perfectly.

Ziegler & Company Oushak Rug Original Hand Knotted rugs are hand woven with Ghazni wool.  This particular wool is sheered from Sheep that live in high altitude, frigid climates. This environment promotes a fleece that is dense, durable, very straight, and high in lanolin. the lanolin content improves resistance to water, moisture and stains.  Ghazni wool, like Kashmir wool is preferred in authentic oriental rug manufacture. This wool gives the rug a unique silky softness not found with other materials. It adds to the cost of manufacturing the rug, but at Ziegler and Company we create Heirlooms of tomorrow and quality is out top priority and your guarantee of a lifetime joy of these rugs.

Over the decades custom designs and color pallets have been commissioned to fit the needs of our design partners. The San Ysidro has evolved from the desires and requests of the top interior designers in the world.

Rugs & More is the exclusive provider of authentic rugs for the finest establishments in the world.

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