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Rug Rental

rug rental santa barbara design center

His Holiness the Dalai Lama giving a talk of peace through compassion on a Rugs & More rug. 

Rug Rental

The rug rental service at Rugs & More boasts the largest collection of antique rugs, vintage rugs and antique tapestries in California. We have been providing exceptional customer service and rug rentals for those who are in need of a rug. Whether you are a decorator doing a home staging project and need rugs for rental or a customer planing a big event and in need of a beautiful rug to put the final touch on your event or a movie company in need of rugs for the shoot. Rugs & More provides the best rugs in the central coast at the most reasonable rates.

Rugs & More is Proud to Be Able to Offer Short and Long Term Rug Rentals

  1. Set decoration and staging
  2. Photo shoots and magazine publications
  3. Television and broadcast
  4. Special events and occasions
  5. Weddings and Celebrations
  6. Red Carpet Events

UCSB Art & Lectures, Carol Burnett Show,  Christopher Cross, Paramount Studios, Ostad Shajarian

Yo Yo Mah and Ravi Shankar are few of our rug rental clients

We are proud sponsors of University of California Santa Barbara Arts & Lecture events.

Rugs & More / Santa Barbara Design Center

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