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  • Antique Gendje rug Santa Barbara Design Center

    Antique Gendje Rug

    Antique Gendje rugs like this one, were frequently made in a long narrow layout. The polychrome octagon borders and the diamond-shaped medallion are distinctive features of Gendje weaving. This piece of art draws you in with an impressive sense of dynamic harmony and movement.

    3’11x 6’6

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  • The finest antique Gendje rug. A piece of genuine Caucasian woven carpet art. Sold at Santa Barbara Design Center, Rugs and More.

    Finest Antique Gendje Rug

    Gendje Rug. Gendje is a town centrally located in the midst of the traditional rug-weaving area of the Caucasus Mountains.  Situated on the main road connecting Baku and Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia, the name Gendje also refers to the mountainous area surrounding the town. This rug is a piece of genuine woven carpet art.

    3’10” x 8′

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