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  • Antique Chichi Rug rugs and more oriental carpet

    Antique Chichi Rug

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    Antique Chichi Rug hand made from natural  wool and organic dyes. Featuring unique design.


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  • Antique Chichi Kuba rugs and more oriental carpet 34371-

    Antique Chichi Kuba

    Antique Chichi Kuba rugs were considered the best rugs of the Caucasus in their heyday. Antique Chichi Kuba Rug include famous chi-chi prayer rugs, large-scale blossom patterns and richly colored rugs decorated with a series of radiant medallions. This Antique Kuba Rug is beautifully and richly colored, and they combine cryptic Caucasian symbols with exceptionally decorative motifs.


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  • Antique Chichi Kuba Rug Circa 1880

    Antique Chichi Kuba Rug Circa 1880

    Among the finest of Caucasian Rugs, Chichi Rugs are from the Azerbaijan city of Kuba along the Caspian Sea. Characterized by large borders, lovely dark indigo fields, small size and finely knotted hand made wool. One of two nomadic ethnic groups usually produced these rugs; either the Lezgians and the Chechnyans.

    3’2″ x 4’10”

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