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  • Finest Ziegler Oushak rug

    Finest Ziegler Oushak rug 27746

    Sale! $27,800.00 $13,900.00

    9’1 x 11’9

    Finest Ziegler & Co Oushak hand spun of natural wool.

  • Finest Ziegler Oushak

    Finest Ziegler Oushak 27743

    Sale! $25,800.00 $12,900.00

    Finest Ziegler Oushak is a very beautiful example of the masterful Turkish classical weaving. These “sampler” rugs were used to show potential customers the many patterns and motifs available to them.

    Size:8’9 x 12’3

  • Modern Ziegler Landscape 27751

  • Modern Landscape

  • Finest Ziegler Oushak 27744

  • Modern Ziegler Landscape 27752

    Sale! $19,900.00 $9,950.00

    Modern Ziegler Landscape is handwoven with natural wool. Perfect for any contemporary / modern home. Available in any size and color.

    9’2 x 12’1

  • Finest Ziegler Montecito oushak

  • Finest Ziegler & Co Khotan

    Finest Ziegler & Co Khotan


    This Finest Ziegler & Co Khotan is an epitome of history, character and culture antique Khotan rugs add richness to a room.

    Come and see hundreds of the Finest Ziegler & Co Khotan at Rugs & More in the Santa Barbara Design Center

    410 Olive Street, Santa Barbara, Ca, 93101

  • Modern Ziegler Landscape

  • Blue modern landscape Santa Barbara Design Center

    Modern Ziegler Landscape


    This Ziegler Landscape Rug is made of the finest quality hand knotted wool and is dyed with natural colors. The neutral tones of this rug is in popular demand and pairs beautifully with an array of furniture and home styles.

  • Original Ziegler Sultanabad rugs and more oriental carpet 27754-

    Original Ziegler Sultanabad

    Sale! $39,800.00 $19,900.00
  • Modern Ziegler Landscape 27753

  • Modern Ziegler Landscape 27760

  • Ziegler Landscape Rug


    Ziegler Landscape Rug

    This Ziegler Landscape Rug is made of the finest quality hand knotted wool and is dyed with natural colors. The neutral earth tones of this rug is in popular demand and pairs beautifully with an array of furniture and home styles.

    10’1 x 13’8


  • Ziegler Landscape


    Hand made with natural wool. This Ziegler Landscape with its soft ocean color will bring an calming atmosphere in you living space.


  • Ziegler Classic Oushak

  • Ziegler Modern Classic

  • Finest Classic sickle leaf rug

    Sale! $49,850.00 $25,400.00

    This one of a kind Finest Classic sickle leaf rug. These carpets are known for their longevity and durability, It has been knotted using craftsmanship techniques by expert weavers- following closely to Persian traditional techniques. This fine oriental rug will last you many years to come.

    11’10 x 14’9

  • Butterfly

  • Finest Ziegler from siegmond

    Sale! $48,780.00 $24,500.00

    11’8 x 14’9

    Finest Ziegler from siegmond freud

  • Finest Ziegler Modern rugs and more oriental carpet 27726-

    Finest Ziegler Modern

    Sale! $37,900.00 $18,900.00
  • Finest Ziegler Sultanabad

    Finest Ziegler Sultanabad

    Sale! $36,500.00 $17,850.00

    Finest Ziegler Sultanabad hand made of natural wool and organic dyes. Featuring a beautiful repeated flower pattern perfect for any style home.

    Size: 9 x 11’9

  • Ziegler Khotan

    Finest Ziegler Khotan


    Branching between classic Chinese and Persian design motifs, this finest Ziegler Khotan is a truly original style. Large repeating rosettes on a lattice design exemplify this style of rug, and this rug in particular.

    9’10 x 9’13

  • Important Rare (17th. 18th.) Century exemplary Caucasian Rug ( Shirvan Area ) rugs and more santa barbara design center

    Important Rare (17th. 18th.) Century exemplary Caucasian Rug ( Shirvan Area )

    Important Rare (17th. 18th.) Century exemplary Caucasian Rug ( Shirvan Area )

    3’8″ x 4′

    A Classic 18th. century Caucasian ( Caucasus was part of Persia at the time this rug was woven ) with a beautiful central pinwheel in the middle of second pinwheel in the form of flying dragons with the blue sky back drop. The dragons are surrounded by the phoenixes as in all ancient cultures it rains when the dragon and Phoenix get into a fight and from their sweat and blood rain creates and from their yelling , thunder. these are flanked by four double bird medallions like the 17th. 18th. century rug on page 257 of Ulric Schurmann’s Caucasian Rugs book. You can see them again on the wonderful ivory border repeating these birds are unique to this rug as far as we know.

  • Santa Barbara design center tapestry

    Antique Original Aubusson

    Verdure designs in the eighteenth century.
    8’6″ x 10′

  • 17th century Oushak

    This 17thCentury Classical Oushak carpet is an superb example of the best-known group of classical Ottoman workshop weavers. In the 16th century, carpet weaving was revered as one of the highest forms of art by the Turkish court. Weavers of that time had tremendous resources at their disposal in creating objects of the utmost beauty. These carpets are made to reflect the power and refinement of the Ottoman Empire. Here, the bold central medallions flanked by half medallions, juxtaposed with the delicately drawn tracery vines proudly display this carpet´s court patronage heritage. Turkish design traditions, dictated that all designs were endless in the eyes of God, and that an artist was only able to capture a small portion of any given design for earthly representation by confining the repeat within a border. The power of these carpets was appreciated by the rulers of the East as well as by the noble, aristocratic and richer classes of Europe. Beginning in the early 16th century, Oushak Medallion carpets were featured in European portraits to signify the wealth, stature and taste of the sitter. One of the most famous of these early depictions is a posthumous portrait of Henry VIII and his family attributed to Lucas de Heere.

  • Antique Chichi Rug

    Antique Caucasian Chichi Rug

    Sale! $12,700.00 $6,350.00
  • Finest Heriz Rug | Rugs & More | Santa Barbara Design Center

    Finest Heriz Rug

    Sale! $43,000.00 $21,500.00

    This Finest Heriz Rug is named after the largest town in the mountainous area of northwest Persia. It is said that Tabriz merchants who wanted room size carpets for export asked weavers to make rugs modeled after ancient tribal rugs of caucasus  mountains  The result is a stunning  Heriz carpet, which is an hybrid of rustic village weavings along with a rich classical grand Persian court carpet. This particular rug is woven with the same natural dyes and handspan wool as it would have been a couple hundred years ago.

    12’3″ x 12’1″

  • Ziegler & Co Usak Rug

    Ziegler & Co. Usak Rug

    Sale! $38,850.00 $19,425.00

    A classic Oushak design with updated colors to fit new interiors.  Hand made of the finest wool, this is an heirloom of the future.


    11’7″ x 14’8″

  • Ziegler & Co FIne Sultanabad Rug

    Ziegler & Co. Fine Sultanabad Rug

    Sale! $79,800.00 $39,900.00

    Ziegler & Co. Sultanabad carpets are among some of the most sought after weavings from persian towns. They have a strong pull for both connoisseurs and Interior designers. Due to their casual and shockingly contemporary designs, designers consider these rugs for their decor options. These Sultanabads are extremely difficult to find in an international market.In 1883 Ziegler & Company established itself as the first to master Sultanabad rugs for the larger rooms and different color palette needs of the western world.  That has continued to today, and this masterwork is a prime example of how Ziegler has perfected the melding of classical designs and master weaving to produce only the finest art for the floor. 

    12’10” x 14’9″


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