Antique Persian Qashgai

The designs in the fields of these beautiful antique Persian Qashgai rugs feature many different images, such as medallions, geometric shapes, and abstract patterns are common, but so are recognizable objects such as trees, flowers and animals.


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Antique Persian Qashgai

Antique Persian Qashqai rugs (sometimes spelled Ghashghai, Kashgai, or other variations) are beautiful and intricate, tribal pile rugs. Because of this diverse history, influences from many regions are apparent in their carpets. Discerning viewers may recognize similarities to the artistic styles of the Turkmen people, Caucasians, and other tribes that live near them today. Designs in the fields of these rugs feature many different images. Medallions, geometric shapes, and abstract patterns are common, but so are recognizable objects. The Qashqai people did not write down their history or stories, but would often weave them into their rugs. The antique Persian Qashqai rugs are said to tell tales and record their daily lives. They frequently depict people and animals, but also common household objects, including combs, trees, flowers, and possessions.


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