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  • Antique Kurdish Juval Rugs & More

    Antique Kurdish Juval

    The bag saw use in a tribal setting. It is still very attractive with its complementing hues of turquoise and muted peach tones. This piece would be an excellent addition to any collection of tribal weavings.  Woven Ca. 1870


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  • Antique Balish Rugs & More

    Antique Balish

    The Boteh is an increasingly rare pattern to find. This example with it’s crisp rendering of angular long tail botehs is a rare treasure.


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  • Antique Swedish Kelim Rug Rugs and More

    Antique Small Swedish Kelim Rug

    This lovely piece of Scandinavian folk art weaving has a blend of colors ranging from beautiful baby blue, turquoise green and ruby red. Brighten up your table setting with this ornamental piece of history.



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  • Jaf Kurd Bagface Rugs and More

    Antique Jaf Kurd

    This antique Jaf Kurd bag face is a timeless wonder of art that will being a splash of color to your living space.


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  • Antique Jaf Kurd Rugs & More

    Antique Jaf Kurd

    Jaf Kurdish rugs feature an intricate diamond lattice pattern, as seen on this Unique Rare Jaf Kurd Rug Circa 1860s. This particular type of rug is highly sought after because the quality of the older weaving is incredible, making this old rugs very rare.


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  • Antique Kashan Kurk Rugs and More

    Antique Kashan Kurk

    The rich deep blues and ruby coloring of this antique kashan Kurk will captivate and grace your living room.  Most likely this rug was commissioned as a gift.


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  • antique Kerman Ravar Rugs & More

    Antique Kerman

    These exquisite antique Kerman Ravar rugs certainly showcase their own style. Kerman rugs include detailed pictorials rendered in a style similar to the pictorial scenes produced in Qum and Isfahan.



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  • Florial Thracian Kelim Rugs & More

    Unique Antique Thracian Kilim

    Symmetrical designs frame this Unique Antique Thracian Kilim along with an authentic playful inner border. Strong saturated colors, well-balanced designs bring a harmonious complete balance to this kilim.


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  • Turkish bagface Rugs and More

    Turkish Braided Bag

    Hand knotted antique woolen bagface from Turkmenistan. The unique twine braids originally used to hold the bag closed, now adds an unique eye catching element.


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  • Antique Sumak Rugs and More

    Antique Sumak

    Antique Soumak rugs are generally very finely woven and feature richly detailed motifs.


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  • Antique turkamon Bag Face Rugs and More

    Antique Turkoman

    A very unusual and intricate Turkoman bag face with stars. Authentic Hand made in Turkomanistan.


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  • Baluch Prayer Rug Rugs and More

    Baluch Prayer Rug

    This piece of genuine woven carpet art is an Antique Original Beluch Prayer Rug. Beluch rugs can be primarily recognized by their exceptional wool quality and color combination.


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  • Kurdish Bagface Rugs and More

    Kurdish Bagface

    Antique Kurdish bags are as diverse as the ethnic weavers who created them. The presence of Kurdish weavers in the northwestern area of Persia and the Iranian Kurdistan region has led to some stylistic overlap and a variety of regional influences converge in the earthy hues on this one-of-a-kind rug.


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  • Tribal Needlework rugs and More

    Tribal Needlework rug

    This carpet is composed of 8 panels. As you can see there is a slight variance of colors adjacent to each other. This is because the weavers used dyes available at the time, depending on their geographical location and climate.


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  • Antique Yastik Turkey Rugs and More

    Antique Yastik

    Originally from Turkey, this antique Yastik is stunning with it’s hues of turquoise orange and blue. It hosts a blending of classic Turkish aesthetics that still captivates.


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  • Caucasian Antique Rugs and More

    Caucasian Antique

    Finest reverse Soumak with fantastic colors and design. Woven Circa 1870. Authentic handmade in the Caucasus.


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  • antique Kurdish Bagface Rugs and More 31833

    Antique Kurdish Bagface

    Saddle bags like this Antique Kurdish Bagface with Peacocks are made for horses, donkeys and camels from Asia Minor, Central Asia, North Africa, the Caucasian Mountains and the Western Hemisphere.


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  • Shahsavan Rug Rugs and More

    Shahsavan Rug

    Shahsavan weavings have a strong tribal flavor with highly abstract, geometric designs and rich colors; a unique style of antique Persian rug, Shahsavan rugs and carpets are rich in cultural significance as well as in beauty.


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  • Antique Baluch Rugs and More

    Antique Baluch

    Fine Baluch Rugs can be primarily recognized by their exceptional wool quality and color combination.


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  • Antique Qasugai Rugs and More

    Antique Qashqai Rug

    This Antique Qashqai rug is full of history, it’s unusual sense of spontaneity and aliveness is a direct historical re-telling of it’s creators lives. Qashqai people have a history and culture rich in both struggle and inspiration and their artful rugs resemble it.


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  • Antique Kelim Mafresh Camel Bag Rugs and More

    Antique Kelim Mafresh Camel Bag

    The subtle yet substantial genius of this Mafrash bag is found in the skillful use of color, the weaver’s understanding of the ancient tribal composition and their ability to precisely execute detail and secondary elements.

    w3’1 x h1’6

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  • Antique Tikke Rug Rugs and More

    Antique Tekke

    Most all antique Tekke Rugs have a distinctive weave. They are made and formed by asymmetrical knots tied onto ivory coloured wool warps.


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  • Kashmiri Pashimina Shawl Rugs and More

    Antique Kashmiri Pashmina Shawl

    Rare antique Kashmiri Pashimina Shawl. This delicate and painstakingly attention to detail is evident in this decorative masterpiece.



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  • Ikat Coat Rugs and more Oriental Rugs 31820.

    Antique Ikat Coat

    This colorful unique antique Ikat coat is one of a kind with its contrasting green border and paisley interior.


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  • Antique Tanka Rugs and More Oriental Rugs 31819

    Antique Tanka w/ Kemono Border

    Antique Tanka w/ Kemono Border. Beautiful and unique for its design. Hand painted to perfection featuring the Shiva God and Buddhas. Along with Dragon border.


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  • Antique Kelim Camel Bag Mafrash Rugs and More Oriental carpet

    Antique Kelim Camel Bag Mafrash

    Mafrash Antique Kelim Camel Bags have been made by nomads In eastern Turkey, northwestern Persia. The three-dimensional rectangular “boxy” bags were used for storage of bedding in their tents.

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  • Antique Kerman Ravar Rugs and More Oriental rugs 31818

    Antique Kerman Ravar

    Kerman Lavar rugs include detailed pictorials rendered in a style similar to the pictorial scenes produced in Qum and Isfahan.



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  • Persian Tabriz Rugs and More Oriental Rug 31815 2

    Persian Tabriz

    Persian Tabriz is one of a kind piece that you wont see very much. featuring amazing design and detail with a silk and wool foundation.

    Size: 1’8 x 1’8

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  • Seirafia Isfahan Rugs and More Oriental rug 31813 1

    Seirafian Isfahan

    Seirafian Isfahan is practically exploding with color, its whimsical, bright pallet standing somewhat in juxtaposition with the classicality of the design

    Size: 2’3 x 3’7

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  • Antique Kerman Khargoosh Rugs and more Oriental Carpet 31812

    Antique Kerman Khargoosh

    Antique Kerman Khargoosh is practically exploding with color, its whimsical, bright pallet brings a warmth to your home.

    Size:1’9 x 2’3

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Showing 61–90 of 1110 results