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Rare Soumakh Antique Bag

Rare Soumakh Antique Bag

This Rare Soumakh Antique Bag is a woven masterpiece. This construction technique produces a flat-weave rug that is thick, strong and exceptionally durable. Unlike Kilims, Soumak rugs are not reversible because non-clipped yarns are left on the back. However, they are also stronger than kilims. It’s finely handspun in the Kuba region of the Caucasus mountains, between the Black and Caspian seas.  In characteristic hues of the region, are bold geometric gels and ketebes that lie in two columns with red background. Opposite side reveals thick stripes of navy and faded red.

Rare Soumakh Bag  1’7” x 1’9”

Price upon request.

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