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Rare Antique Konya rug from the West Anatolia

Rare Antique Konya Rug

Rare Antique Konya Rug: 2’4” x 4’3” – Wool pile on wool foundation. Woven Ca. 1800.  west Anatolia

This small format Konya has saturated and magnificent colors, lustrous and soft wool, and supple handle. Rich and bold tribal drawing. It has four small medallions on surrounded by indigo Blue bird heads on a rich red madder field. It had the signature peach color border with the medallions of Ram’s horn.

In 1292, Marco Polo was the first to make mention of the Konya carpets in writing when he called them the most beautiful in the world. Konya carpets are named for the region in which they were made. Renamed from the Greek “Iconium” when the Seljuk Sultans of Rum made it their capital, Konya is one of the largest, oldest and continuously occupied cities in Asia Minor. When Polo wrote of the Konyas, he had probably seen them in manufactories that were attached to the Seljuk courts. In the early 20th century, large carpets were found in the Alaadin Mosque in Konya; they are now housed in the Museum of Turkish and Islamic Arts in Istanbul. Scholars and collectors alike, primarily for their bold tribal designs and magnificent color combinations not to mention their rarity, covet Konya rugs.

Older pieces are characterized by the restraint towards color combinations and their use of earth tones (most notably: soft yellow, terracotta and browns). The wefts of the Konya rugs are always red, distinguishing them from other Persian carpets. The Nomadic pieces within this genre usually have a foundation of dark wool or goat hair.

Finest collectable tribal rug at best with most saturated colors. Magnificent Rugs.

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