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Pakistan rugs are one of the most popular rug that we carry at Rugs & More. These rugs are mainly hand made in many regions of Pakistan. The different type of rugs from this region are: Bijar, Bukhara, Farahan, Mughal, Sultanabad and Usak.

These are also referred to as Chobis Rugs, and they usually have large geometric floral patterns. The word “chobi” is from the Farsi word “chob” which means wood, which refers to the source of its  natural dyes.

Chobi rugs rugs & more

These rugs are primarily hand spun by a drop spindle and all are hand-knotted. Their natural dyes are made from a combination of roots, tree bark, nutshells, fruit skins, vegetable skins and dried flowers –there are all hand gathered. Therefore making Chobis the most labor-intensive of all of our tribal carpets.

Chobis are renowned for their rich luster and natural coloring. Their colors range from soft tans and browns to rich coppers, maroons, and sage greens. The natural dyeing techniques have been refined over the years to ensure a natural dye that is resolute, fade-proof and long lasting!

There are over 100 – Senna knots per square inch! And the rugs are hand spun with 4 -7 natural colored dyes. A 9’ x 12’ rugs could be completed in a year – most of the labor that goes into these rugs are from hand spinning the wool and hand-gathering the Chobi!

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