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Navajo Rug Collection

Navajo Rug Collection

Navajo Rug Collection

Rugs and More have the one of the finest Navajo Rug Collection and blankets which are among the most exquisite weaving in the world. The Navajo rugs are universally recognized symbol of Mexico. Worn over the shoulder by aristocrats, used as a blanket by cowboys, covering walls or beds in homes, or spread out on the ground at markets to display wares, the Navajo is an integral part of Mexican history and identity. And like American quilts – Navajo rugs are exquisite works of art, each piece the result of months of work by talented weaving families.

Navajo, the characteristic zig zag diamond began to appear in Navajo weaving, derived directly from Mexico and brought north through the Spanish settlements in Chimayo and the New Mexico area dating back to 1880’s. The Navajos were so gorgeous that famed artists and travelers from other countries would admire their glorious colors and designs.

Navajo rugs and more

Our Collection of Navajo Rugs!

Then came the revolution of 1910, when the mansions of Mexico City and the lavish haciendas were ransacked and destroyed. It was dangerous to be in the upper class, and symbols of wealth went underground. Weavers, when they were not out fighting or hiding, were probably weaving functional pieces for everyday use.

After the revolution, as Mexico began to stabilize in 1920, there was a surge of pride in Mexican popular arts. In 1925, a major exhibition of Mexican folk art in Los Angeles introduced tens of thousands of Americans to Mexico’s unusual variety of popular arts. Along with the sombrero and the Navajo Rugs which became a national symbol of Mexico, appearing on travel posters, and always draped over the shoulders of the mariachis.

Today Navajos are used in the home for decoration purposes- as bedspreads, wall hangings and/or rugs. Now, seventy to ninety years later, we are carrying some Navajos, in mint condition, at the Santa Barbara Design Center. Weaving as a craft is disappearing from Mexico. In most towns, families stopped weaving fifty years ago. This makes the Navajo we have left even more precious items.

Navajos – Mexican blankets are as rich in their history as they are in color. The word “serapes” refers to the traditional striped weave that makes up the Mexican blanket design of today, and this versatile textile has been around for hundreds of years.

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