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Handmade Rug VS Hand-Tufted Rug


One of the best ways to tell the difference between the two types of rugs is by checking the underside or the back of the rug. If the weaving and the knots are not perfectly uniform, you know it is a handmade rug. In addition, you can actually distinguish the individual knots when you look at the back of the rug. This is because, in making handmade rugs, weavers manually insert the knots into the foundation of the rug and tie each knot by hand.

Not surprisingly, because it is a fully manual process, this results in the unevenness that you can see on the underside of the rug. You cannot see individual knots at the back of a machine made rug because there aren’t any. Held together by an over stitch  are piles construction and this smooth over stitch pattern is what you can see on the entire back of a machine made rug.


Power loom Rug

Backing of machine made rug

Machine-made rugs simply lack the personality that one finds in authentic handmade rugs. As mass-produced items, machine-made rugs are almost always less valuable than their hand-made counterparts. Of course, while cost is certainly an important factor, the most important distinction between machine-made rugs and handmade rugs is the simple and inescapable fact that handmade rugs are almost always more expressive, more adventurous, and more exciting than machine-made rugs, which may be artful, but are not art the same way that hand-made rugs are.



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Rugs & More provides the West Coast with the most comprehensive collection of new, antique, & oriental rugs.
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