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Gorgeous Outstanding Lilihan Rugs

Gorgeous Outstanding Lilihan Rugs are typically produced in the city of Arak. Many hand make these amazing rugs but are known to be produced by Armenians in Persia.

Antique Lilihan Rug
Antique Lilihan Rug hand made of natural wool and organic dyes.
4’3 x 6’8

In addition, Lilihan rugs are known for their extraordinary design. Traditionally, designed with traditional floral motifs these Lilihan rugs also feature geometric designs. The primary characteristic of Lilihan rugs is the abundant use of pink although khaki and brown ornament the salamander background.


Lilihan Corner Rug

Furthermore, any stunning Lilihan rug is a favorite due to its durability. As well as its longer knotted pile, and vibrant colors.

As a result, Lilihan rugs are woven using single weft and using a symmetrical knot. The warp is usually cotton, and the weft can be made of cotton or fine wool. Usually you will find that they are coarsely but tightly flat woven, which makes them extremely durable. They come in a wide range of rug sizes, and the quality of these antique carpets can vary considerably.

Characteristic of Lilihan

Antique Lilihan Rug
Very pleasant colors combined with the decorative all over flowers.
11’7″ x 8’10”

The unique characteristic of Lilihan rugs and carpets are the rose color weft. They are beautifully adorned with curvilinear patterns with floral motifs. However geometric patterns are sometimes used. In conclusion, to attract the American market, some Lilihans woven prior to World War II were washed and painted. This process caused the rugs to wear more quickly.