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Finest Baluchi Tribal Rug

Finest Baluchi Tribal Rug

Finest Baluchi Tribal Rug

Finest Baluchi Tribal Rug are unlike any other style of rug. Their characteristic is eccentric, with bright colors and playful patterns. Each rug is hand-woven 100% wool using beautiful vegetable dye. Baluchi Rugs are all collectible examples of nomad art because historically the Baluchi tribes, (even to this day), live a nomadic way of life. Each woven piece was made to be utilized for saddlebags, animal trappings,  or grain bags – all woven to be used daily. Therefore these rugs were initially made to be used inside tribal tents, and were often needed to be mobile and moved from one place to another. And as a matter of practicality they were produced in smaller sizes, the most common of which are 3′ x 4′ or 4′ x 6′, and they are usually limited to less than 8 feet in length.

At Rugs and More we have this beauty and it is very rare due to the size!

Antique Rare Tribal Rug

That is a why this is a very rare example of a Baluchi Carpet Measuring 15’8” x12” 3” Item # N133 Price $ POR

Border panel Baluchi Carpet

Border panel Baluchi Carpet


Baluch rugs are woven in Baluchistan, which covered the South Eastern Province of Baluchistan in Iran, southwest of Afghanistan, and east of Pakistan, near the borders of the three countries. We can appreciate that these rugs are all the result of tribal adaptations or transformations of urban rug design. There are a number of patterns or motifs that are original Baluch creations – tree of life patterns, geometric all-over repeat designs, and diamond latch hook medallion patterns, to name a few.

Antique Baluch rugs are a unique phenomenon in the world of antique Oriental rugs. Rather than originating from one specific, easily identified region, Baluch rugs are actually expressive of an extraordinarily wide range of styles: more of an amalgamation of Turkish, Persian and Caucasian rug styles. This is largely due to the fact that the historical region where Baluch rugs have been produced, Baluchistan, is no longer an independent region. Today, this region exists on either side of the border between Iran and Pakistan. Which explains the hybrid of styles reflected in the antique rugs of Baluchistan.


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