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Fine Mughal Agra Rug – Rugs & More

Fine Mughal Agra Rug

Fine Mughal Agra Rug at Rugs and More. We have wonderful collection of Mughal Agra rugs and carpets.   Agra, is an city in India which has been a major center of carpet production since the 16th and 17th Century.  Agra is located in northern India and is more recognized for the Taj Mahal, (and less known for its center for rug weaving).  It was during this period that was heavily influenced by Mughal art and Architecture which was a amalgamation of Indo-Islamic-Persian styles. In the 16th Century, Agra, was the cultural center of Indian art forms such as: stonework, jewelry, architecture, textile design and rug & carpet weaving.

Fine Mughal Agra Rug

Fine Mughal Agra Rug
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Size 8′ x 10′
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Mughal Agra Carpet Motif on boarder

Mughal Agra Carpet Motif on boarder

But during the golden age of Mughal India the making of rugs and carpets had virtually disappeared until it was revived under British rule in the 19th Century. Prisoners in the country’s jails – including those of Lahore, Yeraoda and Montgomery, as well as Agra – wove some of the most beautiful carpets.  Antique Indian Agra rugs and carpets remain highly collectible, blending into both traditional and contemporary settings.

Agra Rugs are difficult to classify because they vary in size, design, and composition. Although they often depict open fields with smaller medallions and guards and they can also be woven with all-over designs.  They are usually woven with wool, but can also be found with cotton. The older Mughal pieces are relatively rare. You can tell the difference between a Mughal Agra and an Agras from the 19th and 20th Century by their weight – newer Agras are heavier and their pile is longer.  Agra rugs were extremely well made durable rugs and are considered the best of Indian rugs in the post-Mughal period.

At Rugs and More located at the Santa Barbara Design Center at 410 Olive St., Santa Barbara 93101 – we have sublime collection of Mughal Agra Carpets for you to see, touch and feel.  All in mint condition!


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