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  • Sale! Oushak Runner | Rugs & More | Santa Barbara Design Center |

    Oushak Runner

    Sale! $19,996.00 $9,998.00

    This Oushak Runner is one of the finest of Oriental carpets in the market today. It is known worldwide that many of the masterpieces of the 15th and 16th centuries have been attributed to Oushak weavers designs.


  • Sale! Finest Heriz Rug | Rugs & More | Santa Barbara Design Center

    Finest Heriz Rug

    Sale! $43,000.00 $12,900.00

    This Finest Heriz Rug is named after the largest town in the mountainous area of northwest Persia. It is said that Tabriz merchants who wanted room size carpets for export asked weavers to make rugs modeled after ancient tribal rugs of caucasus  mountains  The result is a stunning  Heriz carpet, which is an hybrid of rustic village weavings along with a rich classical grand Persian court carpet. This particular rug is woven with the same natural dyes and handspan wool as it would have been a couple hundred years ago.

    12’3″ x 12’1″

  • Antique Bakhtiari Rug

    Antique Bakhtiari Rug

    A rare oversized antique Bakhtiari with a beautifully vibrant Tribal medallion design.


    12′ x 17’6″

  • Sale! Antique Tekke Main Carpet | Rugs and More | Santa Barbara Design Center 43351 1

    Antique Tekke Main Carpet

    Sale! $35,000.00 $10,500.00

    Grand scale pieces like this Antique Tekke Main Carpet was the most important and expensive weavings created by the Turkoman tribes.  Highlighted by the repeated Gul design which was unique to each tribe, this rug is an exemplary example of the technical mastery of the Tekke tribes in creating visually stunning masterpieces.

    12’5″ x 15’10”

  • Sale! Antique Persian Serapi Rug | Rugs & More | Santa Barbara Design Center

    Antique Persian Serapi Rug

    Sale! $69,500.00 $38,900.00
    Our Fine Antique Serapi Rug collection includes the most rare and desirable room size decorative carpets found in the market today. These works of art are woven in a distinct style that is found in the Heriz region. The larger scale and spaciously placed designs are what differentiates these carpets from others. For years, Antique Serapis have been the carpet of choice in early American state and federal buildings, including the White House. It is rare to find a Serapi of this caliber. These carpets combine design foundations taken from many traditions. The strong symmetrical geometric designs are most likely taken from the Caucasian tradition of weaving. These large carpets were woven either in a family workshop or home. Several weavers being employed for the job, it still takes several years to complete
       11’3″ x 14’2″
  • Sale! Red Pakistani Bukhara

    Red Pakistani Bukhara Rug

    Sale! $27,500.00 $8,250.00

    A classic Tekke-inspired Gul pattern with surrounding geometric design.  The intricate weave along the border is an amazing tribute to the weavers.


    12′ x 17’6″

  • Sale!

    Fine Heriz Rug

    Sale! $49,000.00 $14,700.00

    An emblematic Heriz from the late 1800’s.  A distinctive palette of warm colors infuse the uniquely Heriz medallion featuring a diamond-in-rectangle design.  The vibrant tribal motif creates one of the hallmarks of Heriz carpets, a melding of rustic village weaving and a grandeur that would match any Persian court weaving.

    15’7″ x 11’6″

  • Sale! Antique Baktiari Rug

    Antique Baktiari Rug

    Sale! $34,500.00 $10,350.00

    A rare oversize tribal Bakhtiari rug with 9 Persian Water Garden motifs spread across the field.  A splendidly ornate weave  brings out the vibrancy of this fantastic antique specimen that dates from the early 1900’s.


    12’5″ x 15′

  • Sale! Fine Heriz Rug

    Fine Heriz Rug

    Sale! $1,875.00 $562.50

    A classic Heriz Design with the best Eeements of both tribal and classic motifs and colors.

    8'0″ x 6'0″


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