Antique Persian Serapi Rug

$69,500.00 $38,900.00

Our Fine Antique Serapi Rug collection includes the most rare and desirable room size decorative carpets found in the market today. These works of art are woven in a distinct style that is found in the Heriz region. The larger scale and spaciously placed designs are what differentiates these carpets from others. For years, Antique Serapis have been the carpet of choice in early American state and federal buildings, including the White House. It is rare to find a Serapi of this caliber. These carpets combine design foundations taken from many traditions. The strong symmetrical geometric designs are most likely taken from the Caucasian tradition of weaving. These large carpets were woven either in a family workshop or home. Several weavers being employed for the job, it still takes several years to complete
   11’3″ x 14’2″