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Antique and Rare Signed Haji Jalili Tabriz Carpet

Antique and Rare Signed Haji Jalili Tabriz Carpet - Visit us at Rugs & More in the Santa Barbara Design Center. This is a piece of history.

The city of Tarbiz, in the North West of Iran, experienced an artistic reclamation for rug making after three Persian rug weaver/designers Kurban Dai, Sheik Safi, and most notably, the celebrity Hadji Jallili—were responsible for the revival of a truly memorable Persian carpet production in the 19th Century. This Antique and Rare Signed Haji Jalili Tabriz Carpet.

Master Weaver Haji Jalili was the most notable and important creator of unique Court design carpets. He started to hand craft some masterpieces such as this signed fine example of antique Tabizhaj carpet that we have for sale at Rugs and More.


Antique and Rare Signed Haji Jalili Tabriz Carpet

Tabriz Haj Jalili Carpet

Tabriz Haj Jalili Carpet
Item # 4370JNC Size 17″6″ x 24′ 5″
Price Upon Request

These carpets are extremely difficult to procure because of their limited production and great demand, a small number of antique Hadji Jallili Tabriz carpets can still be found in area sizes, room sizes and very occasionally in majestic oversize. Making this gem very rare due to its size. You may also find an exact replica of this carpet on display at the Royal Victoria and Albert Museum in London, England.

Haji Jalili, is known for his unique approach to rug-making with his distinctive choices of color pallets – lighter colors such as pink, greys and gold and design elements; cypress trees, weeping willows, deer, peacocks and gazelle. His other trademark was that he used subdued backgrounds of ivory, wheat, sand, terra cotta, pale rust and browns. And for some added contrast he would use midnight indigo. He also used a high knotted density on the rugs which gave the rugs a fine porcelain quality.

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