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Learn The History Behind Antique Bakhshayesh Rugs

At Santa Barbara Design Center we have a great selection  of  outstanding Antique Bakhshayesh rugs with incredible designs by Rugs and More! Bakhshayesh rugs are considered among the finest examples of Persian rugs. Prized for their classical, abstract, bold, and large-scale designs, Bakhshayesh rugs are skillfully woven with all-over patterns while also including an abundance of negative space allowing each shape to be appreciated individually as well as part of the whole design.

Antique Bakhshayesh Rug



The Persian antique Bakhshayesh rugs are also admired for their lustrous wool and rich, transparent color, again in the tradition of the best tribal pieces. Bakhshayesh rugs were produced in North Iran, not far from the Caucasus, which helps to account for the qualities they share with the rugs of that region.

The drawing of antique Bakhshayesh rugs and carpets is always bold, geometric, dynamic, and abstract.

Bakshayesh Weavers

The talented weavers in the village of Bakhshayesh produce an impressive array of rustic carpets that highlight the region’s history and culture. By combining the larger sizes of city rugs with the rustic, tribal influences of village carpets, these regional rugs offer collectors the best of both worlds. Antique Bakhshayesh rugs are the oldest produced in the influential region responsible for Heriz rugs. Although the village of Bakhshayesh is not far from Tabriz, their designs and styles are worlds apart. The striking Bakhshayesh rugs have ancient roots that contribute to their rustic, rectilinear style that is reminiscent of Caucasian pieces.

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