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Learn How to Decorate Your Home With Tapestries

Antique Tapestry From Rugs And More

Do you ever ask yourself these questions when choosing a tapestry!

What colors should I use? What design would suit me? And, often the biggest question, what size is best?  At Rugs and More we will help you to understanding tapestries in general and your project in particular. At first, decorating with tapestries can seem intimidating. The old world meets the new, and whether our walls are to large or to small.


Tapestry Advice

Choose the designs and colors you want first, then consider the size. As architectural detail, a tapestry should be scaled to the room and the wall – neither too large nor too small. A rule of thumb: it should occupy around 80% of the intended space.

When hanging your tapestry it will look better and age better if it is installed flat against a wall.  If the tapestry wall hanging is mounted flat to the wall, it gains support from the wall and has one less direction in which to wave. Most good galleries and all museums display tapestries hung flat against the wall, creating magnificent wall art.


Tapestry from rugs and more

Tapestry Care

When hanging your tapestry make sure it is not in hot, direct sun. All textiles fade, and instant sun to your tapestry will increase fading and fiber deterioration faster. Most tapestries with colorfast dyes can be safely displayed in most areas of your home where indirect sunlight and humidity are normal. Bathrooms for instance may be too humid unless well vented. Displaying your tapestry in your kitchen may also have direct contact to excessive heat and fiber absorption of food odors.

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