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7 Tips to buying Antique or Vintage Carpets

7 Tips to buying Antique or Vintage Carpets - Visit us at Rugs & More, in order to learn more about buying Antique or Vintage Carpets.

Investment pieces for your home are not just about adding a wonderful painting, buying a rug is just as great of an Asset #1 because they hold their Value and #2 because they are exquisite additions to any room ranging from their gorgeous palettes of color to their deeply textured weaves or both! 7 Tips to buying Antique or Vintage Carpets

But when it comes to buying a rug – whether a gorgeous Turkish kilim or a flawless Ziegler—the investment may not seem worth it. After all, a carpet does get walked on and accidents can happen. But an antique rug is a great investment, if you know what to look for! And luckily at Rugs and More, we have some pointers on what to watch out for when shopping for an antique rug:

Antique Mohajeran Sarouk Rug
Antique Mohajeran Sarouk Rug
Antique Bakhtiari Persian
Antique Bakhtiari Persian

7 Tips to buying Antique or Vintage Carpets

  1. Look out for Frayed Edges on the carpet – these can unravel quickly. This is the area that is the most costly to repair, making frayed rugs not worth the investment.
  2. Check out the back of the rug – it must look almost identical to the front. If it does not then it is machine made. That’s the easiest way to tell that it has been handmade
  3. Feel for rough spots and Liston while you touch – If the rug once had a very soaked-in stain and has been dried without the proper technique, it will feel like cardboard and you will hear it crack and that means the fibers may be on their way out or even rotted, and the quality of the rug is not worth the investment.
  4. Make sure the rug has not been painted. To verify that the rug’s dyes are not fake take a damp cloth and gently rubbing it along the rug’s surface. If any dye is transferred to the cloth, it’s best to move on.
  5. Check the rug for signs of faux-aging – which is a technique of Acid Washing, which will leave the rug looking beige or a washed out tone – true antique rugs will uphold their colors despite its age and for hundreds of years!
  6. Choose natural dyed rugs vs. chemical dyes – the later are harsh and often flat. The Natural dyed rugs are made from skins of pomegranates, walnuts, certain leaves,  berries and even onions! These rugs will always have luster which gives more depth to their color.
  7. Some wear and tear is okay – but it’s best to know what you’re dealing with, for example animal stains are not acceptable nor any fraying – just not worth your money. Dirt, on the other hand, is fairly easy to remove and should generally not be a deterrent.

 Knowledge is important when shopping for Antique rugs! Now go to Rugs & More, with confidence to get the most for your money and make a worthy purchase that will last for generations to come

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