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17th-18th Century Caucasian Rug

17th-18th Century Caucasian Rug

Simultaneous with the ascending pattern of the northern Caucasus, which seems to have reached its climax at the beginning of the eighteenth century. The Finest wool and the finest weave were used in the rigidly styled floral patterning light blue, white and green with the bade of splendid light yellow, all on a brilliant red ground. In the white border we find “S” motifs alternating with angular leaf pattern. The accompanying border is in the usual trefoil design. An extract dating of this piece is very difficult. Taking all aspect into account, it was probably woven around the begging of the eighteenth century, at the latest but it was equally possible that the rug belongs tot he rare pieces which have been preserved from the seventeenth century. 17th-18th Century Caucasian Rug.

17th-18th Century Caucasian Rug get their name from the area in which they were made – the Caucasus. The Caucasus is a region that produces distinctive rugs since the end of the 18th century and the antique Caucasian rugs are primarily produced as village pieces rather than the fine and intricate city productions. Caucasian rugs are best known for featuring bold geometric and tribal designs in primary colors.

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