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  • Antique Tekke rug Santa barbara Design center

    Antique Tekke Rug

    Sale! $6,985.00 $3,960.00

    Size: 4’2 x 4’10

    The antique Tekke rug came from a tribe that was one of the most influential of all of the Turkoman tribes. Made of natural wool and dyes.

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  • Fine Ziegler Usak Rug 43860

    Sale! $23,395.00 $11,697.00

    10 x 13’9

    A classic motif paired with a modern palette.

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  • Natural Jute 28709

    Sale! $4,950.00 $2,750.00


    natural look to your space with this natural shade jute rug. It is handspun, soft and durable with 100 percent natural jute fiber

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  • Modern Stripe 28675

    Sale! $8,950.00 $4,850.00


    Finest hand spun Modern Stripe made of natural wool.

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  • Turkish Bergama Rug



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  • Tekke Main Carpet

    Antique Tekke Main Carpet

    Sale! $35,000.00 $17,549.00

    Main carpets were the most important and expensive weavings created by the Turkoman tribes.  Highlighted by the repeated Gul design which was unique to each tribe, this rug is an exemplary example of the technical mastery of the Tekke tribes in creating visually stunning masterpieces.


    12’5″ x 15’10”

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  • Red Pakistani Bukhara

    Red Pakistani Bukhara Rug

    Sale! $27,500.00 $13,750.00

    A classic Tekke-inspired Gul pattern with surrounding geometric design.  The intricate weave along the border is an amazing tribute to the weavers.


    12′ x 17’6″

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Showing all 7 results