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  • Antique Vintage Tabriz Sant Barbara Design Center

    Antique Vintage Tabriz

    Sale! $36,004.00 $18,002.00

    Antique Vintage Tabriz  are distinguished by their excellent weave and by their remarkable adherence to the classical traditions of antique rug design.

    Size; 9’9 x 12’10

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  • Modern Rug Santa Barbara Design Center

    Modern Rug

    Sale! $3,602.00 $1,801.00

    Modern Rug handwoven with natural wool. Perfect for any contemporary / modern home. Available in any size and color.

    Size: 7’7 x 10’6

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  • Antique Kashmiri Santa Barbara Design Center

    Antique Kashmiri

    A Kashmir rug is a hand-knotted oriental rug from Kashmir. Kashmir rugs or carpets have intricate designs that are primarily oriental, floral style in a range of colors, sizes and quality. .

    Size: 9’9 x 14’5

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  • Vintage Bedouin Santa Barbara Design Center

    Vintage Egyptian Rug

    This Vintage Egyptian rug is such a unique different design. This rug is made by the Bedouin, a nomadic group who move across the deserts of the Middle East and North Africa. Bedouins are traditionally sheep and goat herders, which naturally gives them a strong weaving tradition using the wool gathered from their own herds.

    9’10 x 13’2

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  • Classical-Afshan-Santa-Barbara-Design-Center-2

    Classical Afshan

    This Classical Afshan rug is from the 18th century. The stunning intricate pattern has an enormous appeal due to its familiar bright orange, faded mauve and bright pinkish reds. This Turk Herpke has a longer shape, which usually finds itself in a hallway or a long dining room.



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  • Mushwani Saddle bag Santa Barbara Design Center

    Mushwani Saddle bag

    This rare, antique Mushwani saddle bag is among the most finely woven of Afghan Baluchis.  Frequently these beautiful rare antique bags show rows of pile weave. Mushwani rugs may be the darkest pile woven rugs made. As shown here these particular saddlebags often combine black, dark brown and dark blue

    2 x 5

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  • hamseh Rug Santa Barbara Design Center

    Antique Khamseh

    This Antique Khamseh is predominantly woven by weavers who speak Persian Azeri and Arabic. Khamseh rugs tend to be most like their Qashqai neighbors in construction.

    5’3 x 6’7

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  • Chinese Rug Rugs and more Santa Barbara Design Center

    Ancient Chinese Antique Rug

    This beautiful ancient antique Chinese rug is from the 18th Century. The lovely detail and classical design will bring a unique warmth to your home.

    9’4 x 11’7

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  • Lesghi Star Kuba Rug

    Lesghi Star Kuba Rug

    Lesghi Star Kuba Rug were considered the best rugs of the Caucasus in their heyday. Antique Kuba Rug include famous chi-chi prayer rugs, large-scale blossom patterns and richly colored rugs decorated with a series of radiant medallions. This Antique Kuba East Caucasian Rug is beautifully and richly colored, and they combine cryptic Caucasian symbols with exceptionally decorative motifs.

    3’7 x 4’6

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  • Fine Reclaimed Rug rugs and more oriental carpet 45256-

    Fine Reclaimed Rug

    Sale! $2,390.00 $1,190.00

    Fine Reclaimed Rug is hand made of natural wool and organic dyes. perfect rug for any home.

    2’8 x 5’5

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  • Modern Tibetan rugs and more oriental carpet 31561-

    Modern Tibetan

    Sale! $2,489.00 $1,275.00

    Modern Tibetan transform ancient weaving techniques and materials into high-fashion floor coverings for modern lifestyles. Made of natural wool.

    Size:3 x 5

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  • Sarouk Mohajerian rugs and more oriental carpet 31560-

    Sarouk Mohajerian

    Sale! $11,800.00 $5,900.00

    Sarouk Mohajerian rugs are among the most luxurious classically derived, room-sized Persian carpets. Hand made of natural wool and dyes. The allover floral garden of paradise design customary on so-called Sarouk-Farahans is classically Persian, as is all the minor detail.

    Size: 3’2 x 4’9

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Rug Clearance

  • 100 Knots Tibetan Yellow and White Rug. A piece of genuine woven carpet art sold by Santa Barbara Design Center, Rugs and More.

    100 Knots Tibetan Yellow and White Rug

    Sale! $15,760.00 $7,880.00

    A piece of genuine woven carpet art sold by Santa Barbara Design Center and Rugs and More.

    8’1″ x 9’9″

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  • 29071 Bamboo Silk rugs and more oriental carpet

    29071 Bamboo Silk

    Sale! $30,802.00 $15,401.00

    9’2 x 12

    Fine Bamboo Silk hand made of natural wool and silk.

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  • 29325 Silk Ikat

    Sale! $3,989.00 $1,850.00

    2’10 x 5’9

    The Ikat Rug Collection of richly colored tie-dye rugs is a globally-inspired display of centuries-old coloring techniques used by Silk Road weavers.

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  • Modern Tibetan rug santa barbara design center rugs and more oriental carpet

    29327 Modern Tibetan

    Sale! $3,986.00 $1,890.00

    4 x 6′

    Modern Tibetan rug made of natural wool in the town of Tibet

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  • 29330

    Sale! $2,698.00 $1,342.00

    4 x 6

    Modern Tibetan hand made of natural wool in Tibet. repeated diamond pattern

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  • Afghan Berber Wool Hand made rug

    Afghan Berber Wool Hand made rug

    Sale! $6,804.00 $3,402.00


    The Moroccan Afghan Berber rugs are, nevertheless, distinctive in their coloration and in the more block-like geometry of their composition.

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  • Akstafa Prayer rug rugs and more oriental carpet 31556-

    Akstafa Prayer rug

    Sale! $9,800.00 $4,900.00

    Akstafa Prayer rug are a type of Caucasian rug. They are woven with the Turkish knot and although they are similar to Shirvan rugs they are easily recognized

    Size: 3'2 x 4'6

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  • American Native Navajo

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  • American Native Navajo 1

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  • American Native Navajo 28495

    Sale! $590.00 $295.00


    American native antique Navajo made of natural dyes.

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  • American Navajo 28141

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  • American Rag rugs and more oriental carpet 28700-

    American Rag 28700

    Sale! $2,950.00 $1,800.00


    This beautiful antique rug, an antique American rag rug, uses a simple and chaotic blend of colors and patterns to create a comfortable design.

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San Ysidro Collection

In coastal, temperate regions moderate the climate allows for interior design that blurs the lines between home interiors and the outdoors. This collection of rugs is specifically designed to fit the Mediterranean style home. Patterns inspired by nature and color schemes that enhance the natural light of a room compliment Mediterranean interiors perfectly.

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A Warm Welcome from Michael Kourosh

Michael Kourosh
Michael Kourosh Founder & President

Michael Kourosh has been a preeminent fixture in the design and home furnishing community in Santa Barbara for decades.  Michael’s work has been featured in some of the most luxurious and sophisticated hot spots around the world, including local gems The Four Seasons Collection, San Ysidro and most recently in the renovation and re-imagining of The El Encanto Hotel in the American Riviera.

Michael started his love of decorative arts early on, and upon moving to Germany as a teenager he continued his apprenticeship in Persian rugs and antique collectables.  His love and holistic approach to interior design culminated when he moved to Santa Barbara and opened his first store in 1990.  The past 29 years has been spent refining his vision, taking another step forward with the opening of Santa Barbara’s first fully integrated Design Center.  He is proud and excited to be given the opportunity to share his vision with not only the design community, but everyone.  Michael strives to provide the utmost excellence in every area of interior design and service.  He has brought to Santa Barbara a unique opportunity for living spaces designed through in-house custom made furnishings, accessories, and collectables that will be the centerpiece of the finest homes for years to come.

With his network of the leading international designers, there is nothing that Michael cannot create, as is evident in the variety of design and retail awards bestowed upon his business, including 20 years and running as the best store in Santa Barbara.  He prides himself with being the foremost interior design resource in the Western United States, and is happy to share his expertise to Design Santa Barbara.

In his free time, the father of two loves to travel with his family on international adventures.

Watch Michael on Design Santa Barbara

Every Saturday @ 7pm on ABC – KEYT3

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Germantown Eyedazzler Woven Circa 1875

Germantown Eyedazzler Woven Circa 1875

Germantown Eyedazzler Woven Circa 1875

The Navajo (Native American Indian Tribe) reside in the Southwestern United States in the 4 Corners region encompassing large areas of present-day Arizona, Utah and New Mexico. Transitional weavings, circa 1885 to 1910, represent an under appreciated class of Navajo textiles often overlooked as being made during a less important time of Navajo weaving. Trading posts started to pay weavers by the weight of the weaving instead of the quality or design of the textile. Many weavings produced during this time frame were loosely woven to increase weight and hence value. These heavier blankets were called “pound blankets.” The traders figured out very quickly that paying for weavings in this manner decreased blanket quality eventually causing them to abandon this practice. Until recently, what has not been recognized is the incredible artistic exploration that occurred during this time forced by economic pressures on Navajo weavers to stop making blankets for wear and shift to producing floor rugs. Before the turn of the century, the Navajo switched from making traditional Native American blankets to weaving thick, brilliantly colored rugs with hand-spun wool. The development of eye dazzler designs woven with commercial yarn, known as Germantown blankets, were named for the Pennsylvanian mills that manufactured the four-ply yarn. These tightly woven weavings, which often used cotton warp, did not hold up well on the floor and soon lost favor as floor rugs.

Though not always considered the epicenter of the Navajo culture, Eye Dazzlers offer weavers the chance to express their individual artistry, freedom and ceremonial musings. With little or no guidelines as to what constitutes a rug, other than a border around the edge, creativity gave way to unique designs that appealed to the weaver’s sense of what was beautiful. Thus inspire those who purchase them to be influenced by the weavers infusion of spirit into their designs, creating a common bond with the artist and collector. This dramatic shift featured “eye dazzling” geometric shapes and color palettes never before seen in such a medium, giving birth to what is now known as the Eye Dazzler rug. Elaborate weavings boasting gorgeous jelly bean colors, Eye Dazzlers became one of the very first Navajo weaving styles beyond blankets and serapes. These weavings used simple stripes, rectangles, squares, triangles and chevrons for their main focal designs. While the weavings were exquisitely woven and designed, the motifs were often similar in composition. This rare textile is woven of native hand-spun wool with natural indigo and aniline dye with the finest yarn, which has been pressed hard to create this fine work of art. Between the change in hues and tones, geometric patterns, and even wool’s available for weaving, this groundbreaking rug style set the stage for weavings, tapestries and Navajo weaving expansion for more than a century. Transitional blankets are undervalued for what they truly represent; wearing blankets made by a culture prized for their weaving abilities, which this current example clearly sets itself apart from the ordinary into the realm of world class woven art.

Navajo rugs and blankets of the Germantown style originate from a period in the 1860’s, when over 8,000 Navajo Indians were forcibly located to an area in New Mexico called Bosque Redondo. As the Santa Fe railroad brought settlers to the West, and trading posts carried synthetic dyes and commercial yarns in beautiful colors from Germantown Pennsylvania, eventually settling down in an internment site of eastern New Mexico . It was at this internment site that the Navajo weavers began using manufactured yarns dyed with brighter ranges of colors than were available through natural wool dying methods. The use of these dyes provided Navajo weavers with the opportunity to experiment with new designs and styles, including the famous “eyedazzler” blankets, easily recognizable by the trademark diamond and cross patterns.

This historic piece of woven art is currently on public view at Santa Barbara Design Center.

410 Olive Street. Santa Barbara, Ca. 93101








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Due To Thomas Fires You Need To Wash Your Rugs

The ashes of Thomas Fires are highly acidic and will Ruin your valuable rugs.

You need to professionally wash your rugs soon to minimize the damages!

call us now ( 805 ) 962-2166 and we will take care of them for you.

Smoke and ash in the air from the Thomas Fire can easily affect rugs and carpets. Particulates are dangerous for humans and any sort of natural fabric. If your rug smells like smoke, most standard washes will take care of it by washing away soot particulates. After this, the rugs should be vacuumed regularly. In addition, heavily fire or smoke damaged rugs require both washing as well as professional deodorizing with specific odor removing solutions. Heavy ash and soot can be eliminated from rugs by professional rug washers at Rugs & More.

The longer that acidic ash from Thomas Fires and residue stays on your valuable rugs, the more damage it causes to the rug fibers and dyes. In addition, small amounts of direct fire damage burns can be re-knotted and restored. We are the foremost experts in Oriental rug cleaning and can remove black soot, restore the vibrant colors of your rug and neutralize any remaining odors of smoke. You should always consult with us at Rugs & More to determine how it can be cleaned best. Especially if the rug is a hand made, an antique, a heirloom or of significant value to you.

Rug Damage

If flames or embers have damaged your rug, reweaving and re-knotting will repair actual fire damage. Due to high moisture contents, wool rugs will generally not ignite, and therefore may only have minimal damage. Even if you believe your Oriental rug is damaged beyond repair, it is always worth it to consult with our oriental rug cleaning professionals at Rugs & More to see what, can be done.

At Rugs & more we are dedicated to helping those affected in Santa Barbara’s recent tragedies, the Thomas fire and Montecito Mud slides. We are offering our services on Hand Wash and Cleaning , repair and restoration of rugs to everyone effected by the Thomas Fire and Mud Flood . Furthermore, as a small community it’s important that we take care of each other. We also wish to offer our appraisal services for insurance or legal needs at no charge. Lastly, if you have items lost or damaged beyond repair we can assist in highly personalized redesigning  of your home.

Rug Cleaning

We are the foremost experts in hand-made cleaners. You wouldn’t take your fine watch to a mechanic, so why take your fine rugs to a carpet cleaner?

We are proud to offer personalized chemical free cleaning, using our special soap and water bath and traditional pure water rinse and drying technique. The safe, organic process is backed by our family heritage of three generations of rug makers. In addition, our thorough five step inspection service allows us to recommend needed repairs that restore and preserve your investment.

Repair and Restoration

Repairing and Restoring RugsRepairing and Restoring Rugs
Restoring and Repairing Rugs

For your convenience, timely pick up and delivery is available. We offer professional repair and restoration, re-fringing, binding, reweaving as well as rentals, padding, appraisals and we buy old rugs.

Rugs & more/ Santa Barbara Design Center

Furthermore Visit us at 410 Olive Street. Santa Barbara, CA. 93101

(805) 962-2166



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Mafrash – Bedding Bags

Mafrash bedding bag santa barbara design center rugs and more carpet


Mafrash – Manufactured in eastern Turkey, northwestern Persia and the Caucasus. Featuring three-dimensional rectangular “boxy” bags hand made by nomads. In addition, they became used for storage and bedding in their tents, for use as cargo. Furthermore, balanced over the backs of camels on migration they were mainly created in pairs.

Mafrash Tribal Design Santa barbara design center rugs and more oriental carpet
Mafrash Tribal Design

In the marketplace, these are often dubbed beşik, or cradles.  In addition, made in the largest numbers, Bedding bags have been created by Shahsevan tribal people. As well as, other groups in NW Iran and across the border in Azerbaijan. Others were made in Georgia and Armenia.

Antique Mafrash Woven Ca 1890 santa barbara design center rugs and more oriental carpet
Antique Mafrash Woven Ca 1890

Furthermore, woven soumak are the majority. Others are slit-tapestry, sometimes with narrow contrasting soumak bands. As a result, Western collectors have found that these bags make striking small tables or ottomans when up-ended over wooden boxes or blocks of heavy foam rubber.

Caucasian Mafrash santa barbara design center rugs and more oriental carpet
Caucasian Bedding Bag


Rugs & more/ Santa Barbara Design Center

Furthermore Visit us at 410 Olive Street. Santa Barbara, CA. 93101

(805) 962-2166

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Antique Salt Bag

Antique salt bag santa barbara design center rugs and more oriental carpet

Antique Salt Bag

Antique salt bag ‘s are specialized in limited quantities, and were made in just a few areas. Primarily Persia and Afghanistan.  As a result, these durable little bags where made with a variety of techniques, but most often brocading, Soumak or weft substitution.

Antique Salt bag santa barbara design center rugs and more oriental carpets
Antique Shahsavan Salt Bag (Front)
Antique salt bag santa barbara design center rugs and more
Antique Shahsavan Salt Bag (Back)

With narrow necks that prevented their contents from spilling, they posed special design challenges for the weaver.  Furthermore, not all salt bags have been used for salt, but that label has stuck. True salt bags, tightly woven and made in both flat weave and knotted pile. Sometimes woven across the bottom of the bags, presumably to make them sturdy enough to haul heavy pieces of rock salt.

Halite – Rock Salt

rock salt used for antique salt bag santa barbara design center rugs and more oriental carpet

Rock salt – A mineral  formed from sodium chloride known as Rock salt. In addition, the industrial name used is Halite. It forms as isometric crystals and is typically colourless or white, but may also be other colours depending on the amount and type of impurities contained within it. The salt occurs in beds of sedimentary evaporite minerals. In conclusion, this is caused by large lakes and seas drying up.

Now a day’s salt bags have become collectors’ items. Persian salt bags were originally used by shepherds. They carried the bags filled with rock salt on their backs. Doling out the salt at watering holes, so the thirsty sheep would drink, as well as retain, more water. As a result, this meant the flock could travel without stopping to hydrate on their journey to find patches of thick grass to eat, which was few and far between. Furthermore, among other uses for the salt bags making dough, holding seeds, fruit, nuts, etc.; and turning milk into cheese.


Rugs & more/ Santa Barbara Design Center

Rugs and More Oriental and Persian rug. Santa Barbara Design Center

Visit us at 410 Olive Street. Santa Barbara, CA. 93101

(805) 962-2166