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  • light persian bakhshayesh rug Santa barbara design center rugs and more oriental carpet

    Light Persian Bakhshayesh Rug

    Sale! $29,500.00 $14,750.00

    Light Persian Bakhshayesh Rug from the northwest tribal nomads. Bakhshayesh rugs are considered among the finest examples of larger rugs from the region. Like Persian classical carpets, these carpets feature bold, geometric designs

    Size: 9’6 x 11’9

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  • Piece Of Baluch santa barbara design center rugs and more oriental carpet

    Piece Of Baluch

    Piece of Baluch – Baluch rugs can be primarily recognized by their exceptional wool quality and color combination. As well as high quality workmanship.

    Size: 2’8 x 3’3

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  • Antique Tekke Torba santa barbara design center rugs and more oriental carpet

    Antique Tekke Torba

    The antique Tekke Torba rug came from a tribe that was one of the most influential of all of the Turkoman tribes. Made of natural wool and dyes.

    Size: 1’2 x 3’9

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  • Antique Akjuval Torba santa barbara design center rugs and more oriental carpet

    Antique Akjuval Torba

    Antique Akjuval torba is hand spun of natural wool and organic dyes. Featuring amazing design and pattern. As well as deep colors like red and blues.

    Size: 1’1 x 3

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  • blue modern silk santa barbara design center

    Blue Modern Silk Rug

    Sale! $19,885.00 $9,578.00

    This blue modern silk rug is a Patterned Rug fine for its design. Handspun of natural wool and dyes. Furthermore, Available in every size, shape, and color.

    Size: 8’11 x 11’9

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  • antique rare saddlebag

    Antique Rare Saddlebag

    Antique Rare Saddlebag with decorated pouche. Created in various sizes, with the smallest examples used on donkeys. Hand made with wool and dyes.

    Size: 2 x 2

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  • Antique Shivan Fine Prayer santa barbara design center rugs and more oriental carpet

    Antique Shirvan Fine Prayer Rug

    Antique shirvan fine prayer is an absolutely unique, rare and beautiful piece of woven carpet art. The rarest prayer rug. Asymmetrical motifs give this rug character unlike it’s counterparts. This rug is meant for a use: meditating.

    Size: 3’7 x 4’3

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  • red malayer rug santa barbara design center rugs and more oriental carpet 0

    Red Malayer Rug

    Red Malayer rug region embody an angular northwestern style that is best defined by its diversity in style and color. Hand made of wool and dyes.

    Size:4’2 x 6ft

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A Warm Welcome from Michael Kourosh

Michael Kourosh
Michael Kourosh Founder & President

Rugs pay tribute to the beauty of their countries of origin. Whether exotic or traditional, tribal or modern, our rugs weave stories through intricate patterns, compelling colors, and touchable materials. These museum quality pieces are a testament to superior craftsmanship.

Our rugs, textiles, tapestries, flat woven rugs, Kilims, and needlepoints are hand-knotted and woven in silk and wool of the highest quality. Both rare and unique in design, these collectibles quickly become family treasures that can be passed down from one generation to the next.

Our goal is to help you make a rug truly yours! Rugs & More is proud to offer customization options. Creating a custom rug from a variety of styles is the perfect solution when you can’t find exactly what you want.

San Ysidro Ranch Collection

In coastal, temperate regions moderate the climate allows for interior design that blurs the lines between home interiors and the outdoors. This collection of rugs is specifically designed to fit the Mediterranean style home. Patterns inspired by nature and color schemes that enhance the natural light of a room compliment Mediterranean interiors perfectly.

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Antique Salt Bag

Antique salt bag santa barbara design center rugs and more oriental carpet

Antique Salt Bag

Antique salt bag ‘s are specialized in limited quantities, and were made in just a few areas. Primarily Persia and Afghanistan.  As a result, these durable little bags where made with a variety of techniques, but most often brocading, Soumak or weft substitution.

Antique Salt bag santa barbara design center rugs and more oriental carpets
Antique Shahsavan Salt Bag (Front)
Antique salt bag santa barbara design center rugs and more
Antique Shahsavan Salt Bag (Back)

With narrow necks that prevented their contents from spilling, they posed special design challenges for the weaver.  Furthermore, not all salt bags have been used for salt, but that label has stuck. True salt bags, tightly woven and made in both flat weave and knotted pile. Sometimes woven across the bottom of the bags, presumably to make them sturdy enough to haul heavy pieces of rock salt.

Halite – Rock Salt

rock salt used for antique salt bag santa barbara design center rugs and more oriental carpet

Rock salt – A mineral  formed from sodium chloride known as Rock salt. In addition, the industrial name used is Halite. It forms as isometric crystals and is typically colourless or white, but may also be other colours depending on the amount and type of impurities contained within it. The salt occurs in beds of sedimentary evaporite minerals. In conclusion, this is caused by large lakes and seas drying up.

Now a day’s salt bags have become collectors’ items. Persian salt bags were originally used by shepherds. They carried the bags filled with rock salt on their backs. Doling out the salt at watering holes, so the thirsty sheep would drink, as well as retain, more water. As a result, this meant the flock could travel without stopping to hydrate on their journey to find patches of thick grass to eat, which was few and far between. Furthermore, among other uses for the salt bags making dough, holding seeds, fruit, nuts, etc.; and turning milk into cheese.


Rugs & more/ Santa Barbara Design Center

Rugs and More Oriental and Persian rug. Santa Barbara Design Center

Visit us at 410 Olive Street. Santa Barbara, CA. 93101

(805) 962-2166

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Bagfaces are probably the most familiar collectable tribal utilitarian objects in the western hemisphere. Which can also be known as saddlebags with two decorated pouches. Created in various sizes, with the smallest examples used on donkeys. Known as heybe in Turkey and Khorjin in Iran. The larger bags were used to transport goods or house holds are called Mafrash. They appear in a wide variety of woven structures. For instance,  tapestry, soumak, brocading, knotted pile, weft substitution, and even occasionally warp substitution.


Antique Beluch Saddle Bag
Antique Beluch Saddle Bag


These Bag’s were commonly made with a long center bridge with a slit down the center. Known as Saddlebag’s that men sometimes slipped these over their heads to serve as convenient shopping bags when in the marketplace.

baluch bagface santa barbara design center rugs and more oriental carpet

Larger saddlebag’s were made for use on horses and camels. In addition, these are normally woven in one long piece. First the face for one pouch was woven, then a long section that formed the back and center bridge, then the second pouch face. Furthermore, the bag was assembled by folding each end panel inward. Then stitching along the sides.


Bagface santa barbara design center
Antique Kurdish West Persian Bagface with Peacocks
bagface santa barbara design center
Antique Kurdish West Persian Bagface with Peacocks


With the earliest pieces, often only the bagfaces have survived, or just half a bagface being a single pouch with both face and back intact. These can be important collectors pieces. There are growing number of collectors in this field and specially bags and bag faces, because they are smaller and don’t take much space.

To see the largest collection of Antique Tribal Bags, bag faces and Mafrashs come to Rugs and More and for the finest Examples ask to see the ones from the Kourosh Collection.


Rugs & more/ Santa Barbara Design Center

Rugs and More Oriental and Persian rug. Santa Barbara Design Center

Visit us at 410 Olive Street. Santa Barbara, CA. 93101

(805) 962-2166

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Beautiful Antique Embroidered Shawls

Beautiful Antique Embroidered Shawls santa barbara design center

Beautiful Antique Embroidered Shawls

Featuring these Beautiful Antique Embroidered Shawls at Rugs & more. We have the greatest collection of unique antiques. Learn more about some of Michael’s greatest treasures on Design Santa Barbara Presents Antiquities With Michael Kourosh“. You will learn about these three beautiful Shawls and where they came from. As well as the history behind them.


Antique Kerman Shawl Circa 1800
Antique Kerman Shawl Circa 1800


Antique Shawls – Throughout the 19th century, Kerman a province in southern Iran was celebrated for its exquisite Persian / Kerman shawls rather than for carpet weaving. These Beautiful Antique Embroidered Shawls are real works of art. They became complex in their use of traditional Persian floral patterns. Furthermore, French red roses known as Gol Farangue, Botteh, Sarri Botteh, tree of life, vase, nightingale, and garden design.

The tight overall pattern and fineness of the weave is complimented by a delicate. As well as, harmonious color palates. Not surprisingly, the primary designs of Kerman carpets were adapted from these shawls.  Because when the growing demand for oriental rug production increased these experienced weavers turned their attention and talents to the carpet weaving.

Kashmiri Pashmina Shawl
Kashmiri Pashmina Shawl

As a result, What is unique about the three antique shawls is that despite them having a very similar design. They come from vastly different regions. Furthermore, Giving the age of these textiles it is highly unlikely that the weavers ever cross pass each other.

Rashat embroidery shawl
Rashat embroidery shawl

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Rugs and MoreSanta Barbara Design Center

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17th-18th Century Caucasian Rug

17th-18th Century Caucasian Rug

Simultaneous with the ascending pattern of the northern Caucasus, which seems to have reached its climax at the beginning of the eighteenth century. The Finest wool and the finest weave were used in the rigidly styled floral patterning light blue, white and green with the bade of splendid light yellow, all on a brilliant red ground. In the white border we find “S” motifs alternating with angular leaf pattern. The accompanying border is in the usual trefoil design. An extract dating of this piece is very difficult. Taking all aspect into account, it was probably woven around the begging of the eighteenth century, at the latest but it was equally possible that the rug belongs tot he rare pieces which have been preserved from the seventeenth century. 17th-18th Century Caucasian Rug.

17th-18th Century Caucasian Rug get their name from the area in which they were made – the Caucasus. The Caucasus is a region that produces distinctive rugs since the end of the 18th century and the antique Caucasian rugs are primarily produced as village pieces rather than the fine and intricate city productions. Caucasian rugs are best known for featuring bold geometric and tribal designs in primary colors.

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