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  • Antique Kelim Kashmire rugs and more oriental carpet 28455-

    Antique Kelim Kashmire

    Sale! $39,650.00 $11,895.00


    Finest Antique Kelim Kashmire Hand Knoted with natural wool and dyes.

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  • Finest Tabriz Design


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  • Original Ziegler & co Oushak rugs and more oriental carpet 28343-

    Original Ziegler & co Oushak

    Sale! $93,500.00 $28,050.00

    12’10 x 19’5

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  • Indo Kashan rugs and more oriental carpet 28287-

    Indo Kashan

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    The early indo Kashan carpets were made with imported merino wool which was called Manchester wool in the trade. The wool is softer and finer than the native Iranian rug wool.

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  • kashmiri kashan rugs and more oriental carpet 28283-

    kashmiri kashan

    The early kashmiri Kashan carpets were made with imported merino wool which was called Manchester wool in the trade. The wool is softer and finer than the native Iranian rug wool

    11’10 x 18

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  • Finest Kashmiri Kashan rugs and more oriental carpet 28285-

    Finest Kashmiri Kashan


    Rare Kashmiri Kashan Hand spun

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  • Finest Tibetan rugs and more oriental carpet 28272-

    Finest Tibetan 28272

    Finest Tibetan handspun wool and organic dyes. perfect for any home decor.

    12 x 18

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  • Rare Kermanshah rugs and more oriental carpet 28271-

    Rare Kermanshah

    12’10 x 17

    Antique Kermanshah rugs and carpets are a unique and appealing style of antique Persian rugs, and are generally characterized by a distinct tribal aesthetic

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  • Moroccan Rug santa barbara Design Center

    Fine Flat Weave Moroccan Rug

    Sale! $35,680.00 $10,704.00

    12’7 x 17’9

    The Moroccan rugs are, nevertheless, distinctive in their coloration and in the more block-like geometry of their composition.

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  • Finest Antique Sultanabad Rug | Rugs and More | Santa Barbara Design 1

    Finest Antique Sultanabad Rug

    Sale! $110,000.00 $33,000.00

    Only the finest antique Mahal rugs are able to carry the Sultanabad name. Originaing in the city of Sultanabad, these beautiful rugs were the first to gain wide acceptance in the West, as firms such as Ziegler & Co established rug workshops that focused on melding the Mahal stylings with the more reserved Western needs of design and color.  This fantastic example dates from the late 1800’s. This Ziegler & Co. Sultanabad has an all over henna flower design that is true to tradition. These splendid designs and natural influenced hues will be sure to assume a royal ambiance in your home for years to come.



    11’8″ x 18′

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  • Ziegler & Co Finest Khotan Rug

    Finest Zeigler Khotan Rug

    Sale! $47,530.00 $14,259.00

    Branching between classic Chinese and Persian design motifs, the Khotan is a truly original style.  Large repeating rosettes on a lattice design exemplify this style of rug, and this rug in particular.


    12’2″ x 18’2″

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  • Ziegler Fine Egyptian Sultanabad Rug

    Sale! $49,000.00 $14,700.00

    In 1883 Ziegler & Company established itself as the first to master Sultanabad rugs for the larger rooms and different color palette needs of the western world.  That has continued to today, and this masterwork is a prime example of how Ziegler has perfected the melding of classical designs and master weaving to produce only the finest art for the floor.


    12’6″ x 17’6″

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  • FIne Classical Indian Oushak Rug

    Classical Oushak

    Sale! $35,290.00 $10,587.00

    This 17th Century Classical Oushak carpet design is an superb example of the best-known group of classical Ottoman workshop weavers. In the 16th century, carpet weaving was revered as one of the highest forms of art by the Turkish court. Weavers of that time had tremendous resources at their disposal in creating objects of the utmost beauty. These carpets are made to reflect the power and refinement of the Ottoman Empire. Turkish design traditions, dictated that all designs were endless in the eyes of God, and that an artist was only able to capture a small portion of any given design for earthly representation by confining the repeat within a border. The power of these carpets was appreciated by the rulers of the East as well as by the noble, aristocratic and richer classes of Europe. Beginning in the early 16th century, Oushak Medallion carpets were featured in European portraits to signify the wealth, stature and taste of the sitter. One of the most famous of these early depictions is a posthumous portrait of Henry VIII and his family attributed to Lucas de Heere, circa 1570.

    12′ x 15’8″


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  • Antique Bakhtiari Rug

    Antique Bakhtiari Rug

    A rare oversized antique Bakhtiari with a beautifully vibrant Tribal medallion design.


    12′ x 17’6″

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  • Fine Ziegler & Co. Oushak

    Sale! $33,780.00 $10,134.00

    The finest wools and dyes create a luster of richness in this classic example of an Fine Ziegler & Co. Oushak. Oushak Oriental Carpets are very important when it comes to the heritage of Turkish inhabitants. Each carpet from this era reflects the values of the time period in which they were woven. The weaving techniques, dyes used, and patterns incorporated all have their own time stamp attributed to them. These lighter colors will bring vibrancy and life to your home. These Ziegler and Co. Uasak carpets are rare and unique treasures that are sought after by collectors worldwide.

    11’2″ x 18’2″

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  • Finest Ziegler Farahan Rug

    Finest Ziegler & Co Farahan Rug

    Sale! $55,080.00 $16,524.00

    The finest workmanship and materials have defined Ziegler & Company’s Farahan rugs for over 130 years.


    12’2″ x 17’9″

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  • Finest Antiqued Aubusson

    Finest Antiqued Aubusson

    Sale! $21,800.00 $6,540.00

    Aubusson rugs originated in the Central France town of Aubusson.  This piece shows a classic Renaissance-styled floral motif with architecturally based borders and accents.

    17’7″ x 11’3″

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  • Red Pakistani Bukhara

    Red Pakistani Bukhara Rug

    Sale! $27,500.00 $8,250.00

    A classic Tekke-inspired Gul pattern with surrounding geometric design.  The intricate weave along the border is an amazing tribute to the weavers.


    12′ x 17’6″

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  • Fine Ziegler Usak Rug

    Fine Ziegler Usak Rug

    Sale! $43,000.00 $12,900.00

    Ziegler & Company have long been the masters of melding classic Usak rugs with masterful weaving and a color palette to exemplify rugs as floor art.  The subdued all-over design and warm earth tones make this rug perfect for Mediterranean and coastal homes.

    11’11” x 17’4″

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  • Antique Chinese Peking

    Antique Chinese Peking Rug

    Sale! $29,000.00 $8,700.00

    A very rare antique Peking rug.  Rugs of this size are not common and this one has a beautiful color combo and pleasant design to lend to the furnishing of any room.

    11’9″ x 16’10”

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  • Finest Silk Tabriz Rug | Rugs and More | Santa Barbara Design Center

    Silk Tabriz Rug

    Sale! $86,540.00 $25,962.00

    This lovely detailed and beautiful Silk Tabriz Rug comes from north west of Iran. This is one of the oldest known weaving locations that make a vast sum of diverse carpet types. The art of Tabriz carpets reached their height around the 12thand 16th centuries. The extremely fine knotting of this rug is a vanishing art form and is reserved for kings and rulers. Silk rugs are prized possessions and are passed from one generation to the next.

    12′ x 18′

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