12' x 15'

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  • Unusual Ivory Farahan

    Sale! $42,850.00 $21,870.00

    11’9 x  14’9

    This unusual Ivory Farahan has a delicacy of design relates closely to the weaving technique of Farahans, which is relatively tight and fine.

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  • Fine Montecito Usak Rug 44426

    Sale! $26,875.00 $13,995.00

    11’9 x 14’9

    Fine Montecito Usak rug a great masterpieces of early Turkish carpet weaving from the fifteenth to the seventeenth centuries

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  • Finest Turkish Angora Oushak

    Sale! $48,790.00 $24,650.00

    11’1 x 15’9

    Finest Turkish Angora Oushak carpet such as this one are desirable today as highly decorative pieces. They come in central medallion designs as well as patterns of smaller allover medallions or scattered sprays of vine scroll and palmettes.

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  • Ziegler Fine Farahan Rug

    Sale! $37,920.00 $18,960.00

    12 x 14’6

    The coloration of Farahan rugs and carpets tend to be rich yet soft, with emphasis on terracotta reds, delicate blues and greens, and pastel apricots and yellows.

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  • Finest Ziegler Khotan 46879

    Sale! $48,520.00 $26,000.00

    13 x 16

    Finest Ziegler & co Khotan made of natural wool and dyes.

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  • Ziegelr & co Oushak

    Sale! $54,850.00 $27,425.00

    12 x 15

    Oushak rugs are some of the finest Oriental Rugs, so much so that many of the masterpieces of the 15th and 16th centuries have been attributed to Oushak.

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  • Royal Polonaise 29139

    Sale! $98,750.00 $52,750.00

    11’7 x 15

    17th Century Silk Polonaise Rug – “Rugs rich with silk and gold” were reworked upon by western 17th Century visitors to the Esfahan bazaar, and this piece is exactly what they marveled at. The name “polonaise” (polish) is a misnomer, a 19th century mistaken attribution based on a number appearing from Polish noble collections.

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  • Natural Organic 28782

    Sale! $22,450.00 $11,250.00


    Finest Natural organic handmade rug of natural wool

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  • Ziegler & Co Khotan 28786

    Sale! $38,795.00 $19,450.00


    Khotan Rugs – A space reflects a person’s personality, desires and traditions. Each piece builds off of one another, bouncing ideas back and forth eventually creating a unifying space.

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  • Ziegler & Co. Natural 28792

    Sale! $19,850.00 $9,850.00

    12’2 x 15’4

    Ziegler & co natural hand-spun wool and silk

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  • Fine Natural Modern 28791

    Sale! $19,850.00 $9,750.00


    Finest natural Oasis modern rug

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  • Ziegler & Co. Natural 28789

    Sale! $23,950.00 $11,850.00


    Patterns inspired by nature and color schemes that enhance the natural light of a room compliment Mediterranean interiors perfectly.

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  • Fine Tibetan 28879

    Sale! $28,750.00 $14,550.00


    Tibetans use rugs for many purposes ranging from flooring to wall hanging to horse saddles, though the most common use is as a seating carpet.

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  • Ziegler & Co Finest Serapi

    Sale! $37,480.00 $18,740.00

    12’3″ x 14’7″

    Classic styling with a desirable ivory field.

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  • Ziegler Oushak 28360

    Sale! $54,600.00 $27,300.00


    Finest hand spun ziegler & co Oushak.

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  • White Natural Hemp

    Sale! $27,290.00 $13,645.00

    12 x 15’2

    Natural Woven Hemp rug made with all wool.

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  • Sultanabad

    Call For Price

    15’9 x 13

    Finest Antique Sultanabad made with all natural dyes

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  • Rare Antique Mughal

    Call For Price


    Carpet weaving was one of the most outstanding aspects of textile production in India under the Mughal dynasty from the late sixteenth to early eighteenth centuries. This is a fine hand knotted natural dyed rug.

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  • Flat Weave Moroccan 27919

    Sale! $28,200.00 $14,100.00


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  • Moroccan Rug santa barbara Design Center

    Moroccan 27921

    Sale! $26,800.00 $13,400.00


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  • Moroccan Rug santa barbara Design Center

    Fine Moroccan

    Sale! $37,900.00 $18,950.00

    12’3 x 15’3

    Finest Moroccan hand made of natural wool

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  • Finest Classic sickle leaf rug

    Sale! $49,850.00 $25,400.00

    11’10 x 14’9

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  • Finest Ziegler from siegmond

    Sale! $48,780.00 $24,500.00

    11’8 x 14’9

    Finest Ziegler from siegmond freud

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  • Ziegler & Co Usak Rug

    Ziegler & Co. Usak Rug

    Sale! $38,850.00 $19,425.00

    A classic Oushak design with updated colors to fit new interiors.  Hand made of the finest wool, this is an heirloom of the future.


    11’7″ x 14’8″

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  • Ziegler & Co FIne Sultanabad Rug

    Ziegler & Co. Fine Sultanabad Rug

    Sale! $79,800.00 $39,900.00

    In 1883 Ziegler & Company established itself as the first to master Sultanabad rugs for the larger rooms and different color palette needs of the western world.  That has continued to today, and this masterwork is a prime example of how Ziegler has perfected the melding of classical designs and master weaving to produce only the finest art for the floor.


    12’10” x 14’9″

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  • Ziegler & Co Fine Usak Rug

    Zeigler & Co. Fine Usak Rug

    Sale! $39,380.00 $19,690.00

    Ziegler & Company have long been the masters of melding classic Usak rugs with masterful weaving and a color palette to exemplify rugs as floor art.  The all-over design and warm earth tones make this rug perfect for Mediterranean and coastal homes.


    12′ x 14’10”

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  • Ziegler & Co Fine Usak Rug

    Ziegler & Company Usak Rug

    Sale! $39,500.00 $19,750.00

    Ziegler & Company perfected the color matching of rugs as art on the floor to fit any decorator’s palette needs.  This is a prime example.


    12′ x 14’7″

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  • Antique Kashan Rug

    Antique Kashan

    Sale! $45,000.00 $22,500.00

    In Persia, Kashan was a center of silk production and, as the largest city in the northwest, a major stop on every trade route.  Kashan’s weaving produced some of the most desirable and best classical Persian rugs.  This is a great example of an all-over design.


    12′ x 15′

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  • Antique Serapi Rug

    Fine Antique Serapi Rug

    Sale! $95,000.00 $47,500.00

    A very rare Antique Serapi dating from the 1870’s.  The Heriz influences can be noticed in the tribal motifs in use on both the medallion and the field.  The geometric patterns in the inset are fantastically woven, and the use of camelhair provides a wonderfully luxurious air to the rug.


    12’4″ x 14

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  • Antique Kerman Rug

    Fine Antique Kerman Rug

    Sale! $74,000.00 $37,000.00
    Antique Kerman rugs from Persia such as this beautiful piece are prized for their classical compositions and their unmatched craftsmanship.
    123′ x 16’2″
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Showing 61–90 of 123 results