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  • Modern Landscape

    Sale! $22,440.00 $11,220.00

    Finest modern landscape hand made of natural wool.



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  • Ziegler & co Oushak Rug

    Sale! $35,600.00 $17,800.00

    Since the knot count is considerably lower than the antique rugs made in Persia – antique Turkish rugs were woven with larger scale patterns.


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  • Finest Ziegler & Co Oushak 28858

    Sale! $33,800.00 $16,900.00


    Antique Oushak carpets such as these are desirable today as highly decorative pieces. Hand made of natural wool

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  • Ziegler & co Oushak 28773

    Sale! $36,000.00 $18,000.00


    Oushak rugs come in central medallion designs as well as patterns of smaller allover medallions or scattered sprays of vine scroll and palmettes.

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  • Organic Ocean Santa Barbara Design Center

    Organic Ocean

    Sale! $19,740.00 $9,870.00

    Finest hand made wool Organic Ocean rug will have you happily swimming in the light pastel hues. This is a perfect color theme for your beach house or sunny,window lit den. It’s all organic wool is as soft as its color.


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  • Zielger & co Oushak 28775

    Sale! $35,600.00 $17,800.00


    Antique Turkish Oushak rugs have been woven in Western Turkey since the beginning of the Ottoman period.

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  • Organic Landscape Santa Barbara Design CenterSanta Barbara Design Center

    Organic Landscape

    Sale! $17,500.00 $8,750.00

    Organic landscape wool rug



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  • Organic Desert Silk

    Sale! $17,940.00 $8,970.00

    Finest hand made rug of all natural silk.


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  • Ziegler & co Khotan 28781

    Sale! $37,500.00 $18,750.00


    Antique Khotan rugs and carpets were produced in the oasis town of Eastern Turkestan,

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  • Ziegler & Co Oushak 28779

    Sale! $27,600.00 $13,800.00


    Oushak rugs are some of the finest Oriental Rugs, so much so that many of the masterpieces of the 15th and 16th centuries have been attributed to Oushak.

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  • Modern Stripe 28780

    Sale! $25,900.00 $12,950.00


    Finest hand made rug made of natural silk

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  • Landscape 28787

    Sale! $17,500.00 $8,750.00


    Finest hand made wool rug

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  • Antique Persian Sarouk

    Sale! $79,600.00 $39,800.00


    Sarouk rugs are among the most luxurious classically derived, room-sized Persian carpets

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  • Finest Flat Weave Moroccan

    Sale! $24,398.00 $12,199.00

    The Moroccan rugs are most famous for their dynamic color designs and bold geometric patterns.


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  • Montecito Collection 28609

    Sale! $25,700.00 $12,850.00


    Finest Montecito Oushak rug made of natural wool

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  • Montecito Oushak 28473

    Sale! $7,480.00 $3,740.00


    Their larger scale patterns along with their soft and decorative coloration make these rugs extremely sought after by the trend-setters and taste-makers in the interior design trade.

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  • Ziegler Farahan 28470

    Sale! $49,600.00 $24,800.00


    Antique Farahan rugs and carpets that were produced in the Arak region of west central Iran, are remarkable for their ability to combine different qualities and sensibilities.

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  • Ziegler & co Oushak Santa Barbara Design Center

    Ziegler & co Oushak

    Sale! $39,500.00 $19,750.00


    Oushak rugs are also extremely desirable because of their colors – which are usually much lighter and “happier” in feel than rugs from other regions.


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  • Rare Persian Sultanabad

    Sale! $77,500.00 $38,750.00


    Sultanabad rugs and carpets share a common classical Persian repertoire of floral motifs, whether they utilize medallion or overall designs of vinescrolls and palmettes

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  • Finest Persian Sultanabad 28462

    Sale! $73,050.00 $36,525.00


    Finest Persian Sultanabad made of natural wool and blue, red, and neutral dyes.



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  • Finest Modern Rug

    Sale! $23,900.00 $11,950.00

    One of the finest modern rugs hand made of natural wool. This is where practical meets style with state of the art materials used in the making. The result? You will have a rug that lasts a lifetime.


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  • Modern Rug 28460

    Sale! $23,900.00 $11,950.00


    A modern rug is an essential accent piece for any living room. Check out this Modern Rug hand made of natural dyes and wool.

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  • Plain Moroccan 28459

    Sale! $23,900.00 $11,950.00


    Woven from luxurious hand-spun wool, Berber rugs feature bold designs and incomparable textures.

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  • Antique Sarouk 28458

    Sale! $79,400.00 $39,700.00


    In the early 1900s, painted Sarouks that were over-dyed in vibrant hues of garnet and salmon-pink brought regional rugs to a new height of popularity

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  • Finest Silk Hereke

    Sale! $139,500.00 $69,750.00


    Hereke carpets are traditionally made with a combination of silk, cotton and wool.

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  • Modern Stripe 28456

    Sale! $23,700.00 $11,850.00


    Finest hand knotted rug made of natural wool and silk

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  • Ziegler & co Oushak 28442

    Sale! $39,680.00 $19,840.00


    Finest hand spun Ziegler & co Oushak woven with natural wool and vibrant red dyes.

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  • Finest Pakistan Oushak

    Sale! $41,500.00 $20,750.00


    Historically Oushaks were classified as ‘Anatolian Rugs,’ Anatolian literally translating to ‘land of the rising sun

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  • Finest Persian Sultanabad

    Sale! $73,900.00 $36,950.00


    The rugs of Sultanabad are extremely desirable in the modern marketplace. The popularity of Sultanabad rugs go back to the mid-19th century

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  • Rivet moroccan rug Santa baarbara design center

    Reverse Moroccan Rug


    Moroccan rugs have been woven by tribal peoples for their utility rather than for decorative purposes.



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Showing 61–90 of 131 results