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  • Antique Yastik rug rugs and more oriental carpet 33675-

    Antique Yastik Rug

    Sale! $1,700.00 $510.00

    Antique Yastik Rug hand made from natural wool and organic dyes

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  • Antique Yastik Turkey Rugs and More

    Antique Yastik

    Originally from Turkey, this antique Yastik is stunning with it’s hues of turquoise orange and blue. It hosts a blending of classic Turkish aesthetics that still captivates.


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  • Antique Turkish Yastik ca 1900. A piece of genuine woven carpet art sold at Santa Barbara Design Center, Rugs and More in Santa Barbara, California.

    Antique Turkish Yastik ca 1900

    Yastik rugs are the most desirable of small Turkish rugs. Yastiks were used as pillowcovers originally, but few have retained the original backing. Yastik’s patterns are minature adaptations of Anatolian patterns, making rug connoisseurs eager to snatch them up.

    1’4″ x 2’8″

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