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  • antique shashsaban rare bagface santa barbara design center rugs and more oriental carpet

    Antique Shashsaban Rare Bagface

    Antique shashsaban rare Bagfaces are probably the most familiar collectable tribal utilitarian objects in the western hemisphere. Which can also be known as saddlebags with two decorated pouches. Created in various sizes, with the smallest examples used on donkeys.

    Size: 1’7 x 1’8

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  • Antique Shahsavan Salt Bag. A piece of antique woven carpet art sold by Santa Barbara Design Center, Rugs and More in Santa Barbara, California.

    Antique Shahsavan Salt Bag

    The Shahsavan nomadic tribe created some unique and distinguished Persian rugs due to their resettlement in Persia from Central Asia. This particular piece was used as a vessel to hold salt, an important and highly valued resource at the time.

    1’4″ x 1’10”

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