Hamadan Rugs

Hamadan carpets, handknotted village carpets manufactured in a large number of villages around the city of Hamadan in northwestern Iran.

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  • Hamedan Rug rugs and more oriental carpet -

    Hamedan Rug

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    Hamedan Rug featuring unique design and colors. woven from natural wool.


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  • Antique Hamedan Rug rugs and more oriental carpet -

    Antique Hamedan Rug

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    Hamadan rugs are hand-woven, high quality village rugs that are manufactured in and around the city of Hamadan in western Iran. Unlike most other rugs that refer to a particular type from one province or city, the term Hamadan actually refers to a wide variety of rugs that are woven across a vast region

    Antique Hamedan Rug hand made from natural wool and organic dyes

    4’5 x 6’4

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