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Ghom carpets, Qom, Ghome, Gom, Khum carpets, exclusive handknotted carpets from the city Ghom, Iran.

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  • Rugs-and-more-antique-gum-rug

    Vintage Fine Persian Silk Rug

    This Vintage Fine Persian Silk Rug is silk on silk Tree of Life, featuring ducks in a pond,woodpecker, peacock and love birds on an artistically woven curvy branches and beautiful flowers. Decorators dream rug. This 1940 Qum Rug is in mint condition.

    3’4″x 4’10”

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  • Antique Qum Rug rugs and more oriental carpet -

    Vintage Qum Rug

    Sale! $37,300.00 $11,190.00

    6’4 x 9’2

    Vintage fine Qum from 1940’s with a beautiful lovebirds motif on a rare light blue border and the romantic flowers. This Vintage Qum Rug  is made of Kork wool and organic dyes. The Vintage Qum Rug is a beautiful collectable in a rare size format.


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  • Vintage Persian Qum rugs and more oriental carpet 33271-

    Vintage Persian Qum

    Vintage Persian Qum hand made of natural wool and organic dyes.

    3’2 x 4’9

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  • Finest Silk Qum santa barbara design center 33194-

    Finest Silk Qum

    Sale! $64,800.00 $19,440.00

    Finest Silk Qum hand made of natural wool and organic dyes. Featuring silk.

    9’1 x 12

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  • Persian Qum

    Qum rugs were traditionally used as wall hangings due to their detailed beauty. The fine materials with which Qum rugs are woven allow for weavers to draw exquisite, precise detail work throughout. See how many different animals you can find in this amazing and colorful piece of work.

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  • Finest Persian Qum rug santa barbara design center rugs and more oriental carpet

    Finest Persian Qum

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    Finest Persian Qum – Some of the highest quality Persian rugs are produced in this religious city although the history of weaving in Qum is still fairly new as compared to some of the other rug weaving provinces.

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