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  • Kurdish Kelim Rugs & More Oriental carpets 32117

    Antique Kurdish Kilim

    Sale! $3,650.00 $1,095.00

    The art of rug making is the nomad’s primary means of creative expression. Making these Kilims are a valuable method teaching the young of the symbolic language of patterns and color which comprise the cultural heritage of the Northwest Kurdish people.


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  • Serapi Heriz antique Rugs & More

    Antique Serapi Heriz

    Heriz rugs are one of the most famous rugs from Iran, because of their very unique and distinguishable style.

    6’11” x 9’6″

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  • light persian bakhshayesh rug Santa barbara design center rugs and more oriental carpet

    Light Persian Bakhshayesh Rug

    Sale! $29,500.00 $8,850.00

    Light Persian Bakhshayesh Rug from the northwest tribal nomads. Bakhshayesh rugs are considered among the finest examples of larger rugs from the region. Like Persian classical carpets, these carpets feature bold, geometric designs

    Size: 9’6 x 11’9

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  • Antique Kermanshah Tree of Life

    Antique Kermanshah Tree of Life

    Antique Kermanshah Tree of Life

    4’4” x 6’11”

    This collectible antique rug from the Kerman province of Persia presents a unique shaped bulbs that serves as fertile ground for a “Tree of Life”. This Antique Kermanshah Tree of Life Rug with its rich stem and petal design containing unique birds and beautiful peacocks. This one uses an unusual size as a border with several birds and bushes creating an elegant effect that seems to draw the viewer’s eye inward the rug.

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  • Antique Qashgai Rug Santa Barbara Design Center -

    Antique Qashgai Rug


    Size: 4’9 x 6’6

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  • Antique Dabir Kashan Tree of Life Rug. The finest hand-knotted and natural dyed fibers. Tree of life. Rugs & More Santa Barbara Design Center

    Antique Dabir Kashan Tree of Life Rug

    The finest hand-knotted and natural dyed fibers. Tree of life.

    4’3″ x 6’7″

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  • Antique Persian Kerman Ravar Rug: 1001 Flowers

    Antique Persian Kerman Ravar Rug- Millefleur

    Circa 1850
    4’3″ x 7’2″
    Allover floral design; Millefleur
    All natural dyes
    Beautiful cochineal red, pink, navy blue, gold, beige, and ivory

    This Antique Persian Kerman Ravar Rug- Millefleurs is a masterpiece among Persian rugs with feature of a floral allover pattern called Millefleurs (thousand flower). On the top part of this piece of art has a Moon and Khorshid Khanum (Lady Sun).

    “The Millefleur “star-lattice” carpet dating to late 17th or early 18th century Mughal India has been sold for 4,786,500 pounds (USD 7,687,119) in the Oriental Rugs and Carpets sale at Christie’s London more than doubling its pre-sale estimate of 1.5 – 2 million pounds,” auctioneers said in a statement.

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  • Rare 1800s Classical Silk Tabriz from Northwest Persia. Handmade in Persia. Antique rug sold by Santa Barbara Design Center.

    Rare 1800s Classical Silk Tabriz from Northwest Persia

    Handmade in Persia

    From the 1800s

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  • South East Persia, woven around 1700's or earlier.

    South East Persia woven around 1700s or earlier


    This unique historic woven art tells the Whole Story of good and bad, Ahura Mazda and Ahriman, the higher aspirations of human kind, the paradox of living and its expectations all knotted into this master work.

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  • Antique Serapi Rug of Majestic Proportions and Design rugs and more oriental carpet 43734-

    Antique Serapi Rug of Majestic Proportions and Design

    Sale! $590,800.00 $177,240.00

    13’6 x 17’10

    In terms of design, drawing, and coloration as well, Serapis are clearly part of one and the same tradition as Herizes, despite being a distinct rug style, which originated as a Sarouk Farahan medallion room-size rugs, but with a more geometric and abstract look.

    Serapi of Majectic proportion is a oversized floor rug that represents the best of hand woven rugs. There is simply the best of its type and highly decorative and collectable at the same time.


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  • Finest-Rare-Antique-Mohtasham-Rug-29236

    Finest Rare Antique Mohtasham Rug

    Sale! $51,750.00 $15,525.00

    This Finest Antique Mohtasham Rug is a Rare Oversized floor piece with the garden of paradise and medallion motif. Beautiful birds in the fields of floral sprays.  Rare and highly decorative ivory back ground and ivory border adds to the elegance and restfulness of this majestic woven art.

    4’5 x 7


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  • Antique Mohtasham Kashan 29235

    Sale! $138,000.00 $41,400.00

    Antique Mohtasham Kashan

    5’9 x 10

    An amazing work of art from the 1870’s from the royal city of Kashan and from the most important of Rug Weaver’s workshop of Mohtasham. It is a beauty to behold with its eye pleasing ivory back ground with the most sofisticated and subtle coloration. it will be the high art on the floor and most admired piece of furnishings in any room.


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  • Red Pakistani Bukhara

    Red Pakistani Bukhara Rug

    Sale! $27,500.00 $8,250.00

    A classic Tekke-inspired Gul pattern with surrounding geometric design.  The intricate weave along the border is an amazing tribute to the weavers.


    12′ x 17’6″

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  • Finest Silk Tabriz Rug | Rugs and More | Santa Barbara Design Center

    Silk Tabriz Rug

    Sale! $86,540.00 $25,962.00

    This lovely detailed and beautiful Silk Tabriz Rug comes from north west of Iran. This is one of the oldest known weaving locations that make a vast sum of diverse carpet types. The art of Tabriz carpets reached their height around the 12thand 16th centuries. The extremely fine knotting of this rug is a vanishing art form and is reserved for kings and rulers. Silk rugs are prized possessions and are passed from one generation to the next.

    12′ x 18′

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