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  • finest Farahan Rug | Rugs and More | Santa Barbara Design Center

    Fine Farahan Rug

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    Ziegler and Co. Farahan Rugs were first made in Central Iran. Circa 19thCentury, just before World war l. They are considered very unique and rare. The colors used in Farahans are hard to come by and are typically earth tones and natural hues. This lovely carpet brings a beautiful touch to your home decor, and will last for generations to come. This is a collector item of the future.  The finest materials combined with intricate design creates this beautiful floor art.

    12 x 17’8

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  • Ziegler Fine Farahan

    Ziegler & Co. Fine Farahan

    Sale! $58,800.00 $29,400.00

    This Ziegler & Co. Fine Farahan is a piece of art on the floor. Rich, saturated natural dyes create a garden on the floor for the most sophisticated of interiors. Produced in the region of west/ central Iran. The wide range of qualities in Farahan rugs are remarkable and are often made with the classical fine medallion patterns that are customary of Persian design. Farahan carpets have been influenced by Heriz and Serapi carpets, yet are found to have a much finer scale and tightness of weave. The coloration tend to be natural and soft, yielding an beautiful grand scale carpet that will incorporate a blend of approachable timeless history.

    11’11” x 17’8″

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  • Finest Silk Tabriz Rug | Rugs and More | Santa Barbara Design Center

    Silk Tabriz Rug

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    This lovely detailed and beautiful Silk Tabriz Rug comes from north west of Iran. This is one of the oldest known weaving locations that make a vast sum of diverse carpet types. The art of Tabriz carpets reached their height around the 12thand 16th centuries. The extremely fine knotting of this rug is a vanishing art form and is reserved for kings and rulers. Silk rugs are prized possessions and are passed from one generation to the next.

    12′ x 18′

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Showing 91–93 of 93 results