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  • Fine Ziegler Oushak Rug with soft blue grey santa barbara wool rug carpet all over design hand knotted natural organic dyes

    Fine Ziegler Oushak Rug with soft blue grey

    Sale! $39,000.00 $19,500.00

    Ziegler & Company have perfected the art of matching classic Oushak styling with color palettes to fulfill any designer’s dream.  Their master weavers are known as the finest in the craft of floor art, and this is a wonderful example.  The muted colors work to capture and enhance natural lighting.

    11’11 x 15’2

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  • Antique Aubusson Rug

    Sale! $37,800.00 $18,990.00

    A fantastic piece of history, Antique Aubusson Rugs originated in the Central France town of Aubusson.  Commissioned for the nobility and royal residences of France, the rugs are oversized and incorporate Renaissance imagery.  This is a beautiful example of the style, including a classical floral motif and a wonderful color palette to match the fashions of the day.

    Circa 1800.

    11 x 16

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  • Fine-Antique-Serapi

    Fine Antique Serapi Rug

    Sale! $77,800.00 $38,900.00

    Our Fine Antique Serapi Rug collection is considered the most rare and desirable decorative carpet found in the market today. These works of art are woven in a distinct style that is found in the Heriz region. The larger scale and spaciously placed designs are what differentiates these carpets from others as they are unique and impressive. For years, Antique Serapis have been the carpet of choice in early American state and federal buildings, including the White House. These carpets combine design foundations taken from many customs throughout history. The strong symmetrical geometric designs are most likely taken from the Caucasian tradition of weaving. These large carpets were woven either in a family workshop or home. Several weavers being employed for the job, it still takes several years to complete.

    Circa 1880.

    11’10 x 13’8

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  • Rare Turkish Sparta Rug

    Sale! $39,200.00 $19,600.00

    This is an stunning antique rare Turkish Sparta rug with a Chinese Peking motif.  Most likely it was custom ordered for an important Chinoiserie room in the last century. This antique rare Turkish Sparta rug is stunning with it’s elaborate medallion center atop a majestic deep ruby. The borders are a rich blue that surround an all over floral design that is exquisite and balanced. This rug can make a tastefully casual home look elegant and extravagant.

    11’3″ x 15′

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  • Fine-Indo-Agra-Rug

    Fine Mughal

    Sale! $82,015.00 $39,500.00

    Fine Mughal

    Fine Mughal featuring lotus flowers and palmettes covering a blue field


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  • Finest-Ziegler-Farahan-Rug

    Finest Ziegler Farahan Rug


    The finest Persian rugs are from the Farahan Plateau.  This example is very finely woven and the rich color of the all over design gives any designer a dream palette to work with.

    10’10” x 14’8″

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  • Antique-Chinese-Peking-Rug

    Antique Chinese Peking Rug

    A rare antique Peking from the Imperial Chinese court.  The dragons on the field represent the power of the Emperor and the rare ivory color lightens any decor.

    12’2″ X 15’2″

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  • Fine-Heriz-Rug

    Fine Heriz Rug


    This Fine Heriz Rug is named after the largest town in the mountainous area of northwest Persia. It is said that Tabriz merchants who wanted room size carpets for export asked weavers to make rugs modeled after scraps of fabric. The result is the Heriz carpet, which is an stunning hybrid of rustic village weaving along with a rich grand Persian court piece.

    11’10” x 15’6″

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  • Angora-Oushak

    Angora Oushak Rug

    Sale! $55,100.00 $27,550.00

    The finest wool in the world creates a luster of richness for this original art piece from Central Anatolia.

    11’6″ x 15’3″

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  • Finest Ziegler and Company Usak Rug

    Finest Ziegler & Co. Usak Rug


    Highest quality, hand knotted, natural dyed, from San Ysidro

    12’10” x 10’4″

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