12' x 15'

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  • Antique-Bakhtiari-Rug

    Antique Bakhtiari Rug


    A rare oversize Tribal Bakhtiari rug with the Garden Of Paradise design.  The rich saturated natural dyes create a warm hue to build a room around.

    12′ x 14’8″

  • Antique-Chinese-Peking-Rug

    Antique Chinese Peking Rug

    A rare antique Peking from the Imperial Chinese court.  The dragons on the field represent the power of the Emperor and the rare ivory color lightens any decor.

    12’2″ X 15’2″

  • Fine-Heriz-Rug

    Fine Heriz Rug


    This Fine Heriz Rug is named after the largest town in the mountainous area of northwest Persia. It is said that Tabriz merchants who wanted room size carpets for export asked weavers to make rugs modeled after scraps of fabric. The result is the Heriz carpet, which is an stunning hybrid of rustic village weaving along with a rich grand Persian court piece.

    11’10” x 15’6″

  • Fine-Bijar-Rug

    Fine Bijar


    It is evident that craftsmanship and artistic ability are traits the small town of Bijar produces when it comes to fine oriental carpets.  These carpets are known worldwide for their superb craft and fine materials. One distinguishing feature of these carpets are their heavy wool foundation. The weavers are known to pound down the knots in the carpets which creates a carpet that can withstand up to 200 years of heavy use. The most durable rugs are made in the Bijar region.  This has the classic Bijar motif and benefits from the same indestructible Kurdish weave with a light all-over palmette and lotus flower field.


    11’9″ x 15′

  • Angora-Oushak

    Angora Oushak Rug

    Sale! $55,100.00 $27,550.00

    The finest wool in the world creates a luster of richness for this original art piece from Central Anatolia.

    11’6″ x 15’3″


Showing 121–125 of 125 results