12' x 18'

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  • Modern Kilim

    Sale! $22,890.00 $11,450.00

    11’10 x 17’5

    Kilims are generally woven with the slitweave technique. The slit refers to the gap left between two blocks of color.

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  • Mamluk 29094

    Sale! $68,750.00 $34,900.00

    11’9 x 18’1

    Mamluk carpets are characterized by a central, dominant octagonal medallion surrounded by a great variety of smaller, geometric motifs. They take their name from the Mamluk dynasties that ruled Egypt from 1250 through 1517. Carpets of this design were produced in Cairo, largely for the southern European luxury trade.

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  • Haji-Jalili 29097

    Sale! $81,970.00 $41,750.00

    12 x 17’9

    The name of the master weaver, Hadji Jallili (Haji-Jalili), lives on as perhaps the single most important creator of unique Court design antique carpets of the 19th century.

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  • Serapi Heriz 29095

    Sale! $49,780.00 $28,750.00

    11’11 x 18’2

    Serapi Heriz antique rugs, which are attributed to the village of Serab, are considered to be some of the finest examples from this region.

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  • Mamluk 29093

    Sale! $59,790.00 $39,950.00

    12’1 x 18’4

    Mamluk carpets are distinguished not only by their distinctive designs, but also by their lustrous wool, fine weave and soft, closely valued coloration dominated by pale greens, yellows and reds.

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  • Serapi Heriz 29099

    Sale! $59,780.00 $29,890.00

    12’9 x 20’3

    Serapis are to all intents and purposes a particular type or grade of what are called Heriz rugs – more specifically the highest grade in terms of weave, and very probably the oldest type in terms of age. Heriz carpets are generally coarsely woven with as few as 30 knots per square inch.

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  • Haji- Jalili 29098

    Sale! $79,000.00 $39,500.00

    11’10 x 18’4

    Haji Jalili is best known today for his incredible and unique approach to rug-making and his preference for distinctive color palettes and design elements.

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  • Antique Halvai Bijar 29211

    Sale! $157,300.00 $78,650.00

    11’9 x 18’10

    Rare Ivory ground tribal bijar in over size Bijar rugs, produced in Northwest Iran are among the finest of Persian rugs by virtue of their design and technique.

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  • Ziegler & Co Oushak 29209

    Sale! $59,300.00 $29,650.00

    11’10 x 17’10

    woven with larger scale patterns. These carpets are also extremely desirable because of their colors – which are usually much lighter and “happier” in feel than rugs from other regions.

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  • Fine Zeigler Sultanabad

    Sale! $48,960.00 $24,480.00

    11’10” x 17′

    Sultanabad rugs and carpets tend to have a larger, more supple weave and accordingly exhibit a bolder, more large scale design.

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  • Uzbek kelim

    Sale! $39,500.00 $19,750.00


    Finest Uzbek Kelim made with medallion diamond pattern. Hand spun with natural dyes and wool.

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  • Antique Kelim Kashmire

    Sale! $39,650.00 $19,825.00


    Finest Antique Kelim Kashmire Hand Knoted with natural wool and dyes.

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  • Original Ziegler & co Oushak

    Sale! $93,500.00 $46,750.00

    12’10 x 19’5

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  • Rare Antique Royal Portuguese

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  • Indo Kashan

    Call For Price


    The early indo Kashan carpets were made with imported merino wool which was called Manchester wool in the trade. The wool is softer and finer than the native Iranian rug wool.

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  • kashmiri kashan

    11’10 x 18

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  • Finest Kashmiri Kashan


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  • Finest Tibetan 28272

    12 x 18

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  • Rare Kermanshah

    12’10 x 17

    Antique Kermanshah rugs and carpets are a unique and appealing style of antique Persian rugs, and are generally characterized by a distinct tribal aesthetic

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  • Moroccan Rug santa barbara Design Center

    Fine Flat Weave Moroccan Rug


    12’7 x 17’9

    The Moroccan rugs are, nevertheless, distinctive in their coloration and in the more block-like geometry of their composition.

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  • Antique Sultanabad Rug

    Finest Antique Sultanabad Rug

    Sale! $110,000.00 $55,000.00

    Only the finest antique Mahal rugs are able to carry the Sultanabad name.  Originaing in the city of Sultanabad, these beautiful rugs were the first to gain wide acceptance in the West, as firms such as Ziegler & Co established rug workshops that focused on melding the Mahal stylings with the more reserved Western needs of design and color.  This fantastic example dates from the late 1800’s.


    11’8″ x 18′

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  • Ziegler & Co Finest Khotan Rug

    Finest Zeigler Khotan Rug

    Sale! $47,530.00 $23,760.00

    Branching between classic Chinese and Persian design motifs, the Khotan is a truly original style.  Large repeating rosettes on a lattice design exemplify this style of rug, and this rug in particular.


    12’2″ x 18’2″

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  • Ziegler Fine Egyptian Sultanabad Rug

    Sale! $49,000.00 $24,500.00

    In 1883 Ziegler & Company established itself as the first to master Sultanabad rugs for the larger rooms and different color palette needs of the western world.  That has continued to today, and this masterwork is a prime example of how Ziegler has perfected the melding of classical designs and master weaving to produce only the finest art for the floor.


    12’6″ x 17’6″

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  • Fine Ziegler Farahan Rug

    11’9 x 17’2

    Fine Ziegler & Co Farahan with beautiful design and vibrant color. Hand made with natural wool & delicacy of design relates closely to the weaving technique of Farahans, which is relatively tight and fine

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  • FIne Classical Indian Oushak Rug

    Classical Indian Oushak

    Sale! $35,290.00 $17,645.00

    12′ x 15’8″


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  • Antique Bakhtiari Rug

    Antique Bakhtiari Rug

    Sale! $57,900.00 $28,950.00

    A rare oversized antique Bakhtiari with a beautifully vibrant Tribal medallion design.


    12′ x 17’6″

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  • Fine Ziegler & Co Indo Oushak Rug

    Sale! $33,780.00 $16,890.00

    The finest wools and dyes create a luster of richness in this classic example of an Oushak.


    11’2″ x 18’2″

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  • Finest Ziegler Farahan Rug

    Finest Ziegler & Co Farahan Rug

    Sale! $55,080.00 $27,540.00

    The finest workmanship and materials have defined Ziegler & Company’s Farahan rugs for over 130 years.


    12’2″ x 17’9″

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  • Finest Antiqued Aubusson

    Finest Antiqued Aubusson

    Sale! $21,800.00 $10,900.00

    Aubusson rugs originated in the Central France town of Aubusson.  This piece shows a classic Renaissance-styled floral motif with architecturally based borders and accents.

    17’7″ x 11’3″

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  • Red Pakistani Bukhara

    Red Pakistani Bukhara Rug

    Sale! $27,500.00 $13,750.00

    A classic Tekke-inspired Gul pattern with surrounding geometric design.  The intricate weave along the border is an amazing tribute to the weavers.


    12′ x 17’6″

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Showing 31–60 of 67 results