sari silk rug

Finest Sari silk ziegler Rug

$21,498.00 $10,749.00

8’11 x 11’11

Finest Sari hand spun of natural wool and silk


Finest sari silk ziegler rug

Recycled sari silk ziegler rugs are created by artisans utilizing silk that once graced vintage saris. By carefully unthreading the saris by hand and fortifying the extracted silk with cotton, or other fibers, the fibers are then artistically woven into unique classical patterns and vivid yet elegant color. The result is a one of a kind piece of art for your floor. Each hand crafted sari silk is unique and will add warmth to any room. This sari silk has an European design based on the arts and crafts movement of England. Array of vibrant blues, and accents of Ivory, aqua, yellow, and grey. Because of the unique hand crafted nature of each piece, no two sari silk rugs are alike. These natural rugs are durable and will hold up for decades if you take care of them properly. Don’t place your sari silk rug in a place that receives heavy traffic, sari silk rugs require gentle vacuuming with suction only, although you can have them hand-washed by a Rugs and More as needed.

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