Mashad Rugs

Mashad carpets, Meshed carpets, handknotted carpets from the city of Mashad in north-eastern Iran.

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  • Antique Persian Mahal

    Sale! $73,000.00 $36,500.00


    Antique Persian Mahal made of natural dyes and woven with natural wool. Designed with diamond medallion in the center.

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  • Antique Master Saber Mashad Rug

    Sale! $75,800.00 $37,900.00

    Mashad rugs come to us from the Persian city of Mashad, one of the holiest cities on Earth and home to some of the most desirable rugs, with extensive workshops dating back more than a thousand years.  Of these workshops, there are none better than the Royal Workshop of Master Saber, who was the master weaver of the Royal Family of the Shah.  This spectacular antique Mashad rug bears the Saber signature, and is truly a work of art.  This rug must be seen to truly appreciate it, as the meticulous craftsmanship is unrivaled and cannot be captured by one photo.


    12’1″ x 14’1″

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  • Amoghi Mashad Persian Rug

    Amoghi Mashad Rug


    The carpet of Persian royalty and nobility. The finest of materials and craftsmanship.

    12’10” x 9’9″

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  • Semi Antique Mashad Rugs and more oriental carpet 35709-

    Semi Antique Mashad Rug

    Sale! $7,449.00 $3,725.00

    A Mashad from East Persia.

    9’6″ x 6’7″

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  • Amuoghli Mashad Rug

    Sale! $32,024.00 $16,012.00

    The finest materials were used to create a master work for the floor.

    12’0″ x 8’9″

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