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  • Maraya Modern Hand Knotted Tibetan Rug

    Maraya Modern Hand Knotted Tibetan Rug

    Sale! $29,780 $14,890

    9’4 x 11’6

    This Maraya Modern Hand Knotted Tibetan Rug is custom made by Maraya Droney.

    It is hand spun from all natural wool and silk. It was designed by the world class Maraya Droney for her clients. It is woven by the artisans in the high mountains of Nepal. These designs are uniquely created by Maraya and her team as works of art on the floor.

  • Maraya Modern Art 28846

    Sale! $19,700 $11,750

    10 x 14

    custom made rug by Maraya Drowny hand spun of natural wool and silk

  • Maraya Kelim 28664

    Sale! $9,850 $5,950


    Finest Maraya Kelim custom made of natural wool

  • Maraya Modern Wall

    Sale! $26,800 $13,720


    Finest custom Modern Wall by Maraya Droney

  • Maraya Modern Kelim

    Sale! $8,950 $4,720


    Fine custom modern kelim by Maraya Droney


Showing all 5 results