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I consider myself a RUGOHOLIC !!!  It is a term i have created and you might not find it in dictionary anytime soon, but it surely defines how my brain reacts as soon as i see a great rug or an interesting textile. I get a rush and a childish smile , that only an addict can get upon injecting his favorite drug.

Woven arts are an integral part of humanity and have been with us from the early ages of transition. The oldest found textile goes back 36000 years in time. These hand made rugs, textiles and fabrics are intertwined in our genes and by simply looking at them , one can immerse and find symbols of our ancient ancestors and signs, that connect all of us to one origin and can bound us beyond geographic and cultural heritage to unite us.

I encourage you to study antique collectible rugs and textiles and perhaps take a liking in this art form and acquire few items and I guarantee you in return you will have a richer life and warmer home to go to.  Come in and it will be my pleasure to show you some treasures from my private collection.

Yours truly, Rugoholic:         Michael Kourosh

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  • South East Persia, woven around 1700's or earlier.

    South East Persia woven around 1700s or earlier


    This unique historic woven art tells the Whole Story of good and bad, Ahura Mazda and Ahriman, the higher aspirations of human kind, the paradox of living and its expectations all knotted into this master work.

  • Antique kazak rugs prayer caucasian Santa barbara design center

    Rare Antique Kazak Prayer rug Caucasian rug

    This Antique Kazak rug has beautiful vegetable dyes and tribal patterns. Famed for its rich colors, assertive, geometric drawing, and bold, large scale designs this Kazak Prayer rug is a prime example and one of the best collectable Caucasian rugs around.

    Size: 4’2 x 7’2

  • Caucasus Antique Kazak Karachof Rug santa barbara design center

    Caucasus Antique Kazak Karachof Rug

    Sale! $7,299 $3,650

    This Antique Kazak Karachof rug has beautiful vegetable dyes and tribal patterns. with three medallions and ivory border. Famed for its rich colors, assertive, geometric drawing, and bold, large scale designs.

    Size: 3’6 x 6’2

  • Antique Malayer santa barbara design center 29843

    Antique Malayer Perisan Oriental Rug

    Sale! $15,600 $7,800

    This Antique Malayer rug has a quiet formality and reserve that makes it excellent decorative pieces for elegant settings. The colors and patterns of the antique Malayer rug is rich and varied.

    Size: 4’3 x 6’5

  • Finest Antique Kashkuli Qashgai Rug santa barbara design center 29841

    Finest Antique Kashkuli Qashgai Rug

    Sale! $48,520 $24,950

    This Antique Kashkuli Qashgai rugs will typically feature dark reds, saffron golds, and rich blues. These jewel tone rug colors were available to the ancient tribes with vegetable-based dyes, and today they are still often incorporated into the design despite the availability of a wider range of dyes.

    Size: 4’9 x 7’9

  • Fine Antique Afshar Rug santa barbara design center 29839

    Fine Antique Afshar Rug Rare collectable

    This Fine antique Afshar rug is the best of its type. Perhaps woven around 1850 it is Beautifully drawn light blue tulips trellises connect on a rare Saffron field. The inner filed of this Afshar Master piece rug is perfectly imperfect and asymmetrical without falling out of balance. The border consists of floral medallions reminiscent of its field tulips on a very soft indigo blue back ground. Two ends are woven and preserved looking like a rainbow. It has 7 minor borders represent the seven heavens. There are small bees on the border between the floral medallions representing natures giving and sweetness of life.
    The rug is a classic style and this rug is a best of type piece. The color is excellent, it is well drawn, and in excellent condition for its age.

    Size: 4’3 x 4’6

  • Antique Serapi Rug of Majestic Proportions and Design collectable Heriz area carpet rare medallion and color flied Santa Barbara Design Center

    Antique Serapi Rug of Majestic Proportions and Design

    Sale! $590,800 $295,400

    13’6 x 17’10

    In terms of design, drawing, and coloration as well, Serapis are clearly part of one and the same tradition as Herizes, despite being a distinct rug style, which originated as a Sarouk Farahan medallion room-size rugs, but with a more geometric and abstract look.

    Serapi of Majectic proportion is a oversized floor rug that represents the best of hand woven rugs. There is simply the best of its type and highly decorative and collectable at the same time.


  • Finest-Rare-Antique-Mohtasham-Rug-29236

    Finest Rare Antique Mohtasham Rug

    Sale! $51,750 $29,700

    This Finest Antique Mohtasham Rug is a Rare Oversized floor piece with the garden of paradise and medallion motif. Beautiful birds in the fields of floral sprays.  Rare and highly decorative ivory back ground and ivory border adds to the elegance and restfulness of this majestic woven art.

    4’5 x 7


  • Antique-Mohtasham-rug-santa-barbara-design-center-rugs-and-more

    Rare Antique Mohtasham Kashan Rug

    Sale! $97,850 $45,200

    4 x 6

    Mohtasham is one of the most revered weavers of Kashan. His rugs are some of the highest quality Persian weavings. The town of Kashan located in central Iran between Isfahan and Tehran is often referred to as the greatest weaving center in western Persia. Mohtasham Kashans ranges from 200 to 300 knots per square inch, with the older ones tending towards the upper end of the scale. An interesting thing about Mohtasham Kashans is that the oldest examples tend to have the highest knot counts but a certain crudeness of design.

  • Rare Antique Silk Mohtasham Kashan

    Rare Antique Silk Mohtasham Kashan

    Sale! $89,570 $48,500

    4’4 x 6’7

    Rare Antique Silk Mohtasham Kashan

    A Fantastic Example of the finest woven arts by the master’s workshop. This rug is in perfect condition and remarkable for its age. The tree of life is a nice touch for this rug and its purple sidings are sign of the royalty in this type of rugs and highly desirable. The ivory back ground of this rug adds to its attractiveness and elegance.

  • Mamluk 29130

    Sale! $16,785 $8,650

    6 x 9

    Mamluk carpets are distinguished not only by their distinctive designs, but also by their lustrous wool, fine weave and soft, closely valued coloration dominated by pale greens, yellows and reds.

  • Haji-Jalili 29160

    Sale! $32,740 $15,431


    Haji Jalili Tabriz Rugs – At the end of the 19th century, after a prolonged period of dormancy, the Persian town of Tabriz experienced an artistic revival and successfully reasserted itself into the forefront of the rug-making world. Perhaps one of the most important figures in this reawakening of Tabriz as an important rug-making center was the master weaver Haji Jalili, from the nearby of Marand.

  • Royal Polonaise 29167

    Sale! $79,900 $39,950


    “Rugs rich with silk and gold” were reworked upon by western 17th Century visitors to the Esfahan bazaar, and this piece is exactly what they marveled at.

  • antique sarab runner santa barbara rugs and more

    Antique Sarab camel hair collectable rug

    Sale! $8,950 $4,500


    Antique Sarab Runner

    this Antique Sarab camel hair collectable rug is woven around 1870 in north west Persia. these type of rugs are known for their fine runners with a characteristic camel ground and lozenge-shaped medallions

  • Suzani 28937

    Sale! $5,895 $2,889


    embroidered and decorative tribal textile made in Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and other Central Asian countries.

  • Chinese Deco 28690

    Sale! $9,850 $5,950


    Chinese Art Deco Rugs were produced from the 1910’s to the 1940’s. Prior to the 1920’s, during the experimental stages of production, the design and color remained similar to classical antique carpets from China

  • Bukhara 28696

    Sale! $2,980 $1,950


    Bokhara is a term commonly used to describe Tekke-faced rugs. Tekke was a tribe from the area of Bokhara in Central Asia. The design is dominated by rows of guls and surrounding geometric patterns.

  • Chinese Deco 28699

    Sale! $12,950 $6,950


    Chinese Art Deco Rugs were produced from the 1910’s to the 1940’s. Prior to the 1920’s, during the experimental stages of production, the design and color remained similar to classical antique carpets from China

  • American Rag 28700

    Sale! $2,950 $1,800


    This beautiful antique rug, an antique American rag rug, uses a simple and chaotic blend of colors and patterns to create a comfortable design.

  • Ziegler & Co Oushak 28779

    Sale! $27,600 $13,800


    Oushak rugs are some of the finest Oriental Rugs, so much so that many of the masterpieces of the 15th and 16th centuries have been attributed to Oushak.

  • Landscape 28787

    Sale! $17,500 $8,750


    Finest hand made wool rug

  • Finest Silk Sari

    Sale! $13,000 $6,500


    Wool and Silk Sari Rug

  • Modern Flat Weave 28630

    Sale! $16,020 $8,010



  • Finest Flat Weave Moroccan

    Sale! $24,398 $12,199


    The Moroccan rugs are most famous for their dynamic color designs and bold geometric patterns.

  • Navajo 28636

    Sale! $17,400 $8,700


    Navajos are textiles produced by Navajo people of the Four Corners area of the United States. Navajo textiles are highly regarded and have been sought after as trade items for over 150 years

  • Ziegler & co Oushak 28625

    Sale! $17,480 $8,740


    woven with larger scale patterns. These carpets are also extremely desirable because of their colors – which are usually much lighter and “happier” in feel than rugs from other regions.

  • Vintage Bergama 28624

    Sale! $17,950 $8,975


  • Montecito Oushak 28621

    Sale! $15,996 $7,998


    The Oushak rugs have become the rugs of choice for many of the top interior decorators in the world today. Made of natural dyes and handspun with wool.

  • Ziegler & co Oushak 28618

    Sale! $17,790 $8,895


    Oushak rugs have been woven in Western Turkey since the beginning of the Ottoman period. Historians attributed to them many of the great masterpieces of early Turkish carpet weaving from the fifteenth to the seventeenth centuries

  • Finest Transitional Rug

    Sale! $17,758 $8,879



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